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It was time to retire my old 88 key controller so..... Just pulled the trigger on my new secret's the Roland FA-08..can you smell the excitement? you Scott C Johnson for making me aware of this MONSTER of a workstation


stunning track m8!:)+2
Wow! This is top of the line!;) I can hear Fishinmission come in with his sax soon? hehe, by the way I like that you dressed up like a swede in viking helmet:D+2
Slick as python poo (I just cleaned some off my patio yesterday). Great sound and the classic Big Daddy composition. would love to hear this with an Issac Hayes style voice.+2
November 22 2014 22:32:53
BigDaddyCee Thank you so much for the compliment Wade! +0
very nice ;o)+1
another piece of something lovely to listen to Cee...and cool new avatar ! :)+1
the sound and playing speaks for itself :)+1
November 22 2014 22:37:32
BigDaddyCee Thanks Alex.....coming from you that's high praise indeed! +1
That's a cool track! I jammed it already but it was an overkill with keys.... Good as it is!+1
muito bom som, bom trabalho+1
Wow - great sound and arranged template!!+1

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