beer drinkin' idiot

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heliandros110 jams Supporter
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My female friends and singers here, don't you want to join a little project? A story to be continued! A musicial discussion between him and her. One part you one part me.
My idea was to tell a story about an idiot who came home drunken and agressiv. Disrespecting his wife in his masochistic, arrogant hubris against his wife. She's... hmm... what is she? Is she the sneaker, grey mouse? I would prefer the amazon who straights the drunken head of this idiot... or would it be more canny to let him go??? What do you feel and what will you response to his insulting appearance?

And hey, I am singing about an idiot... I'm not talking about me... I hope at least :)


January 25 2015 20:53:45
Pit BrettPit Brett brilliant & funny

November 29 2014 10:43:29
MalCoMalCo Great Add.

November 29 2014 06:16:27
scrawfrd02scrawfrd02 love it fellas sweet session sounds like ur all together

November 29 2014 04:34:11
WadeWade Very Zappaesque. You even sound a bit like him.

November 29 2014 03:50:56
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow! Cool song=)

November 27 2014 04:17:37
francisco alfrancisco al trabalho legal

November 27 2014 04:07:08
gwailoahgwailoah Darn cool backing. Great concept Heli!

November 26 2014 10:56:36
Anno_NymAnno_Nym Interesting and challenging proposal yours .. Hely. Great idea at the same time. I hope it is accepted by female singers in this WL for continuing of this "everyday and ancient story" and, let's say... "social problem" too. Really good voice.
+1 November 29 2014 03:04:02 Anno_Nymheliandros
strange somehow trying to sing with all of my heart but being the arsehole in my mind... intersting experience
November 29 2014 11:51:29 Anno_NymAnno_Nym
No matter where arsehole is. First important thing is to sing with the heart. ;)
November 26 2014 06:07:48
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super:D

November 26 2014 03:21:40
ToadCruncherToadCruncher This is a cool idea:)
Good description of me back in the 8o's. My wifey would have a pretty good response to this...hehehe..

+1 November 26 2014 04:55:25 ToadCruncherheliandros
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