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Viel schneller als von dir erwartet,
trifft dich das Morgenlicht.
Dieses dicke, dumme Ding am Himmel,
scheint dir mitten ins Gesicht.

Dich trifft das Morgenlicht.
Es scheint dir mitten ins Gesicht.

Du drückst den Kopf tief in dein Kissen,
und klammerst dich an deinen Traum.
Doch jetzt ist eh der Film gerissen,
und du erlebst das Morgengrauen.

Du klammerst dich an deinen Traum.
Du erlebst das Morgengrauen.

Irgendwie ist dir ganz furchtbar übel,
es blubbert laut in deinem Bauch.
Jetzt erst bemerkst du auch das Brummen im Schädel,
und etwas klopfen tut da auch.

Es blubbert laut in deinem Bauch.
Etwas klopfen tut da auch.

Du springst auf und lässt die Rollos runter,
und legst dich wieder in dein Bett.
Vor heute Abend wirst du nicht mehr munter,
du drückst im Kopf auf Reset.

Du legst dich wieder in dein Bett
Du drückst im Kopf auf Reset.



November 29 2014 11:50:57
Stark und starke atmosphärische Verbindung zwischen Musik und Text :)
+1 November 29 2014 12:10:27 Neronick Uloisius
Vielen Dank Nick ;o)
November 29 2014 11:50:36
nice words..dont know what they mean though :-)
+1 November 29 2014 12:09:45 mickymcg65 Uloisius
Hi Micky, I am glad that you like it ;o)

Get the Google Translator Version in English:

Much faster than expected of you,
hits you the morning light.
This thick, stupid thing in the sky,
seems you right in the face.

You hit the morning light.
It seems to you in the face.

You push the head deep into your pillow,
and cling to your dream.
But now the film is always torn,
and you experience the dawn.

You cling to your dream.
You experience the dawn.

Somehow you is terribly amiss,
it bubbles loud in your belly.
Only now did you notice even the hum in the skull,
and knock something is doing well.

It bubbles loud in your belly.
Something knock is doing well.

You jump on and let the blinds down,
and put you back in your bed.
Before tonight you will not perk,
you hit in the head on reset.

You put yourself back in your bed
You push the head on reset.

November 29 2014 16:52:44 mickymcg65 mickymcg65
i checked out the translation.. nice lyrics... i have also added a alternative guitar track..cheers
November 29 2014 01:33:15
Die realitaet deiner lyrics ist einfach super, Uli. Ich habe so oft ein Grauen vor dem Morgengrauen. :)
+1 November 29 2014 09:11:24 Marianne Uloisius
Danke Marianne, freut mich sehr das es dir gefällt ... ja, wer kennt das Morgengrauen nicht ;o)
November 29 2014 00:03:40
+1 November 29 2014 09:09:37 chrisbass Uloisius
Vielen Dank Chris ;o)
November 28 2014 23:14:37
super gemacht! Der ganze Stil des Stücks erinnert mich an die neue d. Welle in den 80-ern
+1 November 29 2014 09:09:03 jamlady Uloisius
Vielen Dank jamlady, als ich den Track von micky zum ersten mal hörte fühlte ich mich sofort an die Zeit damals erinnert ;o)
November 28 2014 22:38:10
Fine job of having your voice accent the tempo/meter. The bubbles sounded like a hookah.
+1 November 29 2014 09:07:32 Wade Uloisius
Thank you Wade, yes, had no idea how I should "blow bubbles in the stomach" manage to me but he in love with the idea of the sounds with taking pure. So I blew through a straw in a glass of water; o) ...
November 29 2014 09:34:59 Wade Wade
Aw come on, a raw powerful singer like you must have some vices! Where does all the human knowledge/experience come from?
November 29 2014 11:00:57 Wade Uloisius
Hmm, now I'm already 50, I had enough time to gather impressions and my recorder for new impressions always runs further ;o)
There are an infinite variety of topics, opinions and impressions when I start to think about it I also find most anything ;o)
November 29 2014 12:32:04 Wade Wade
The experience shows. So glad that you are open. So many at 50+ are closed.
November 29 2014 13:14:19 Wade Uloisius
That's true, unfortunately, with increasing age, many people Shut. Maybe I caught this, too someday, is certainly a gradual process. But basically I've always been a dreamer and I hope it stays that way ;o)
November 28 2014 21:13:36
cool template from Micky and nice edge to your vocals and real lyrics Ulo, :)
+2 November 28 2014 22:19:02 Shi Uloisius
Thank you Shi ;o)
Who has not experienced anything like this? ;o)
November 28 2014 20:30:03
Cool raw tones going on, GREAT mix guys !!
+1 November 28 2014 22:16:15 nuno1959 Uloisius
Thx nuno, it reminds me of the early eighties ;o)
November 28 2014 23:37:05 nuno1959 nuno1959
Absolutely !
November 28 2014 19:57:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good Ulo:)
+1 November 28 2014 22:13:33 Lenny Cowler Uloisius
Thx Lenny ;o)
November 28 2014 19:57:04
Very good Ulo!:)
+1 November 28 2014 19:58:35 Mishteria Lenny Cowler
It happened, both thumbs same:)
November 28 2014 19:59:23 Mishteria Mishteria
November 28 2014 22:13:01 Mishteria Uloisius
Thank you Martina ;o)
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