Ultimate American Chorus

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Sort of a cross between DefLeppard (chorus) and Pink Floyd (verse)?

The name comes from the Joyo effects pedals I used. The left channel is a Joyo "American" pedal and Joyo Chorus, the right channel is a Joyo "Ultilate Overdrive" pedal and Joyo Chorus. Hence Ultimate, American, Chorus

The end has a nice section to solo over the verse chords


March 04 2016 08:55:35
Great stuffs here! I use Joyo American too!
+1 March 04 2016 09:52:26 kennyadry JonJon
yeah I have numerous of those cheap pedals lol. Luv that cheap stuff! Another great cheap one is the Moen "Shaky Jimi" vibe/chorus
March 04 2016 09:59:31 kennyadry kennyadry
I use a mooer pure boost. Love it a lot. Great cheap pedals are coming from china these days!
March 04 2016 23:59:54 kennyadry JonJon
yeah, I sort of hate ot buy chinese, then again im simply not going to pay $250 for ANY pedal....especially if I can get 99% of the same sound for $70. Lately I have used the Joyo High Gain distortion for my main sound thru my fender solid state amp since ive been too lazy and depressed to actually go into the living room to turn on my Peavey tube amp. All that being said I do have an EH C9 organ machine, which is USA made. See #39502
March 05 2016 00:03:17 kennyadry JonJon
Joyo British pedal and Chorus http://www.wikiloops.com/backingtrack-jam-28253.php
February 20 2016 05:28:03
Cool reminds me of Annihilator (a Canadian metal band) in spots
+1 February 20 2016 09:51:11 Rockzilla JonJon
thanks brother. I like the song but I cringe now when I hear it cuz one of those clean verse guitars is out of tune lol
February 20 2016 17:56:42 Rockzilla Rockzilla
Not really that noticeable, I think we are all very critical of our own stuff and when it falls on fresh ears, the individual does not know the little flaws so therefore that person is enjoying it for what it is, like myself, well done :)_
November 30 2014 16:32:51
nice guitaring :)

November 30 2014 16:22:01
awesome guitar! You got the Floyd and Leppard in there for sure - not a typical combination but it sounds great.

November 30 2014 16:11:42
nice nice nice :)

November 30 2014 15:52:05
great guitar playing cool track everyone

November 30 2014 15:12:47
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
awesome guitar JJ:)

November 30 2014 15:06:34
Awesome work JJ:):)sweet playing m8;)

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