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Loved the mantra like guitar ''drone'' Heliandros posted & i immediately knew how i wanted to go about it !
I downloaded from YouTube a couple of videos depicting shepherds & their flocks of sheep in Southern Portugal, took their soundtracks, mixed it all with my bass &… here you have it !!

I'm sure a Master Recorder/Mixer would fare better than i did making this but i think if you close your eyes & lay back on your sofa, it WILL ...


Respect. :)+1
November 30 2014 18:31:33
nuno1959 Thanks my friend ! ;) +0
fantastic! u build an epic soundtrack here, the sequencing is top notch. bravo!+1
November 30 2014 18:34:20
nuno1959 Thank you bro, much appreciated but… i'm afraid it's as much a fruit of my imagination ( the idea.. ) as of pure chance ( the execution.. ) !!
Mas parece um passeio no campo não é ? ;)
November 30 2014 18:35:50
mulambo com certeza, é como estar num filme, vc mandou muito bem! +1
Very nice Nuno!:)+1
November 30 2014 18:36:13
nuno1959 Thanks Mish, hope this took a bit of sun quenched countryside to you ! ;) +1
quite enjoyed that...+1
November 30 2014 18:37:12
nuno1959 Muchas Gracias !! ;) +1
November 30 2014 18:40:38
woXey de nada hombre!! gracias a ti! XD +1
Nuno, tu patulae recubans sub tegmine fagi silvestrem tenui Musam meditaris avena! :)+1
November 30 2014 18:38:45
nuno1959 Ai, ai, ai… my latin isn't quite up to par these days… :D :D
But i KNOW it's a compliment so, many thanks Doc !! ;)
November 30 2014 18:52:12
docnat Virgilio, Bucoliche, egloga I. Nuno, you lying in the shade of a large beech play a song of woodland on the humble bagpipe!
Nuno it's really good track!!
November 30 2014 18:54:10
nuno1959 Curious as i am, I Googled it up & oh my learned friend, a quote from Vergilius no less…. I'm speechless !
Am VERY thankful for your continued appreciation & support, hope to continue deserving it… ;)
November 30 2014 19:13:25
docnat what little there is left from high schools! :D +1
November 30 2014 19:17:36
nuno1959 MANY thanks, you spoil me.. ;) +0
very nice Nuno, I like it:)+1
November 30 2014 18:41:31
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks Lenny & it's true : under the electric bass + effects rock/funk sounds i'm just a country boy !! ;) +1
Great spacial vibe template+1
November 30 2014 18:43:00
nuno1959 Thanks Rasta, i'm very pleased : i DID aim at a mix of timelessness & great outdoor's space ! ;) +0
Nuno our shepherd ;) tasty and dreamy :)+1
November 30 2014 18:45:45
nuno1959 Please Adu, i can't even find my own way : I'm VERY good at walking in circles !!… :D
Glad you enjoyed that, it was SUCH FUN to make ;)
Very, very nice.. amazing... ;)+1
November 30 2014 18:56:08
nuno1959 Ah o Menino tambem gosta da pastorícia !?
Eu cheira-me que é mais das pastoras… :D
what a wonderful work nuno, so nice, thank you! :)+1
November 30 2014 18:59:45
nuno1959 I'm the one who must thank you for such an inspiring template !! ;) +1
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