Santa's Comin' Baby

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Santa's coming baby
You've been a real bad girl
The things you did baby
Made poor old Santa's toes curl.

I remember baby
What we did on the kitchen floor
I won't be comin' down your chimney
I'll be sneakin' in your bedroom door

Dress up in your Santa teddy
Show me how naughty you can be.
I've got a present for you baby
And I know baby you've got a present for me.

Merry Christmas baby
I see you standin' under the mistletoe
You look so sexy
I'm gonna kiss you ...


great job !+2
Great song cody!:)love it m8;)+1
cody now i´ve pictures in my head :D cool! :)+1
Great singer!!! bluesy taste+1
love it cody!!:)+1
mh, hot, sexy christmas day ;o)+1
that's right, good lyrics cody.... ;)+1
Great lyrics, great vocals ... Killer Slow Blues !! :)+1
this is great.. american christmas..was different when I was there :-)+1
December 01 2014 22:54:53
MajorTom_III ha ha +0

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