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I don’t know how I’m still standing, I don’t know how I can breathe. All of this is too demanding, it could bring me to my knees, and if I could run I would, but my feet won’t carry me far enough away to matter, so I guess I’ll let it be. It’s just one of those things, you pull me without strings. I can feel my heart is beating, am I just losing my mind. All my strength now it’s retreating, why is it so hard to find. I need to find a way to make some sense of this, there’s nothing more to say, that’s just how it is…...I am lost when you’re looking at me that way…...I see you looking at me and I know I can’t turn away, ‘Cause it’s there, it’s plain to see that you are going to make me stay, and your eyes they say it all, and I can hear everything, everything……..it’s just one of those things, you pull me without strings….you pull me without strings. It’s just one of those things. (Shi 2014 my thanks John Kou for a lovely track )


July 21 2016 14:10:38
cschlotecschlote Great song.

April 13 2016 01:59:33
JonJonJonJon very nice doubling on that lead vocal
+1 April 13 2016 11:53:26 JonJonShi
thanks for the listen jonjon, much aprreciated :)
April 14 2016 20:44:25 JonJonShi
thanks so much jonjon. I see you've been listening to quite a few tracks ! :)
August 29 2015 01:37:31
GirardGirard Yeah, what everyone else said.
+1 August 29 2015 14:12:52 GirardShi
thanks for dropping by Girard ;)
July 09 2015 13:04:07
PJEPJE Simply a Beauty!
+1 July 09 2015 21:02:18 PJEShi
thanks pje :)
June 04 2015 16:43:49
Davnel99Davnel99 Added some guitar to compliment your voice I hope.

May 28 2015 19:14:25
Davnel99Davnel99 super in it's simplicity rolling thru the mind. great job. this is a keeper for me to jam with :)
+1 May 28 2015 21:09:04 Davnel99Shi
glad you like it :)
April 08 2015 05:11:31
Guitar75Guitar75 That's it...Shi is officially my Wiki crush
+1 April 14 2016 20:44:46 Guitar75Shi
March 23 2015 23:11:45
francisco alfrancisco al mais uma vez parabéns, boa voz volume ótimo
+1 March 24 2015 20:29:05 francisco alShi
muito obrigado Francisco :)
March 07 2015 06:03:02
ToadCruncherToadCruncher This is just so damn good.
Can't find the words to describe other than pure Pleasure to my ears:)

February 12 2015 21:50:10
MPMP Dynamite lyrics/vocal treatment Shi
+1 February 13 2015 10:44:53 MPShi
thanks for that MP :)
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