Middle Class Blues (9 1/2 Bars)

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Many middle class families are getting poor und can not afford 12 bars of blues any longer. I set 2 1/2 bars to unemployment to make the music cheaper. Please add drums and bass etc. after verse 1. The guitar sounds a bit lost without backing. Sorry for uploading two tracks in two days but it is christmas-calendar time.
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only verse 1 with midi backing


irgendwie süß ;o)+1
Now I ask you whether to play this beautiful song I must cut off in half the bass? :)+1
nice one+1
very nice & sweet .. But thought to write good blues you need to be poor...may be I misunderstood something😳+1
December 07 2014 09:42:39
Neronick No, you don't need to be poor, you need to get poor. :)
"I woke up in the morning in my baby was gone..."
December 07 2014 11:52:07
chrisbass uh yes got it 'Woke up this morning, my baby was gone
I've been so bad, I'm all alone
I ain't got nobody stayin' home with me, My baby she's gone, I'm in misery' ...also heard a blues which gives some hope 'One leg was in the east, one leg was in the west, and I am in the middle just trying to do my best". I can't remember who said it.
very cool+1
I think you should feel free to upload every day as much as you want. Many folks do, and their stuff is always welcome! I understand the noble restraint, but don't hold back.+1
I know it's a serious topic, but can't help but smile. So well done with just the right attitude.

As mic1011 says many folks upload lots. I uploaded three in one day last week. Not beating myself up over it...so many other things more worthy of shame.

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