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I have problems with sound, my microphones are very bad,so still I working on improvements,
but I do not know. Maybe someone will have useful advice. :)


August 02 2016 04:17:23
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho Lenny Cowler
+0 August 02 2016 04:25:27 francisco alLenny Cowler
thank you bro:)
November 24 2015 20:21:48
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Lenny, I like it!! :)
+0 November 24 2015 20:31:12 frankyguitarLenny Cowler
thank you Franky:)
December 08 2014 01:31:30
nuno1959nuno1959 To be totally honest with you Lenny, i find NOTHING wrong w/ your drums sound !
Yes, they are slightly ''dry'' ( meaning not too much decay.. ) but i prefer that to mix instead of ''boomier'' more full bodied drums...
As for the cymbals i wouldn't even know if you didn't tell me !
No worries : as soon as i win the Euromillions, we go buy a drum factory & then you tell them EXACTLY how you want them - is that a deal ? ;)

+1 December 08 2014 05:38:22 nuno1959Lenny Cowler
Thanks Nuno, my karaoke microphones can no longer simply better. Cymbals (crash) are completely destroyed.waiting for me a big investment.Therefore, I hope that you bet the correct heading:)
December 07 2014 14:28:48
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice playing! I guess there are tons of advices and info, some say si and some say so, I know some how taped a metal coin on the bass drum skin there the pedal hits.
+0 December 07 2014 14:51:38 akethesnakerLenny Cowler
Thanks Ake,now I have another problem, all cracked cymbals:)again I have to buy new:)
December 07 2014 10:37:03
NeronickNeronick Cool! It is easy to post an arrangement if it is fresh in mind, hard to count it out later... :)

December 07 2014 09:10:39
jojojojo great lenny..nothing wrong with u mic i think..the sound i good
+0 December 07 2014 10:01:29 jojoLenny Cowler
Thanks Jo:):)
December 06 2014 20:49:24
cody trippcody tripp Great drums Lenny. This will go far.
+0 December 07 2014 06:31:29 cody trippLenny Cowler
Thank you cody:)
December 06 2014 20:44:46
ShiShi you play well Lenny :)
+0 December 07 2014 06:31:42 ShiLenny Cowler
Thanks a lot Shi:)
December 06 2014 20:11:31
WadeWade Makes me wish I played bass or guitar. You're such a fine drummer.
+0 December 07 2014 06:32:17 WadeLenny Cowler
Thanks a lot Wade:)
December 06 2014 19:23:57
aduadu yeah, this is a very nice one! my brain begins to work ;)
+0 December 06 2014 19:25:15 aduLenny Cowler
Thank you adu:)

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