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cody tripp

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Oh Lord help me please
I'm so weak.
Sin has hit me with left hook and
I've been knocked on my seat.
Send down your angels
Let them encircle me
I can't do this by myself
You've got to set me free.
Take me to the river
wash me clean
of all my sins
that have been blinding me.


December 21 2014 18:55:03
jamladyjamlady sehr schöner Text und super gesungen!

December 17 2014 01:46:33
Anno_NymAnno_Nym Listen w closed eyes...
emotions in my heart and picture in my mind

December 13 2014 13:13:50
TelemetryTelemetry love it. :)

December 09 2014 23:33:22
LeonardFarLeonardFar What a fun! Kind of a old school, bar pianist type as for me. Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! Thumb up!

December 08 2014 18:26:54
gioganottigioganotti My English is very bad, so I can express everything. Well done!

December 08 2014 15:06:33
akethesnakerakethesnaker Amen:)

December 08 2014 09:55:04
fannefanne WOW Cody,how did you do that ! You're telepathic or something! you just put the melody and the lyrics on the places I had in mind !
I must say ,I was a bit afraid that someone would mess it up and sang a tune all over the place,but you did a fantastic job here,Thank you Cody!

+1 December 08 2014 15:01:59 fannecody tripp
I loved listening to Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton. They had done similar songs so I had learned where to put the vocals. And I love slow blues.
December 08 2014 05:26:52
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Great:)

December 08 2014 04:17:17
SlonMusicSlonMusic Very nice=)

December 08 2014 03:55:48
OB-LixOB-Lix Again a great song on the loop, cheers Guys!

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