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We should have more ukulele songs on wikiloops, so this is my small contribution. :) I will replay and extend it if there is interest. This is rather a sketch and I'll wait for your musical ideas! ;)


Usually the word "ukulele" makes me run fast as possible the other direction. But as someone said "a shoe string can make music in the hands of a real musician". It's real music.+2
December 09 2014 22:47:00
hurzel Thank you! That means a lot to me! :)
(The cheap uku I played would be lucky to be considered as a shoe string ;))
December 10 2014 06:29:56
Fishinmissio As it is said Hurz....Not so much this instrument but the one playing it! Sounds awesome! +1
this is great!+1
Cool template !+1
nice groovy uke :)+1
December 09 2014 22:50:22
hurzel Thank you! :) Your name is on this uku :) :) +1
December 09 2014 22:55:18
OliVBee huh ?? sounds like a nice uke :) +1
December 09 2014 23:24:38
hurzel It is! ;) You may have signed your name after one of those late night walks in Urft.. :) +1
December 09 2014 23:28:51
OliVBee oooh !! yesssss :D forgot about that !! +1
Very cool+1
I like it! and I agree with you.+1
i hear a percussion like djembe or cajon:)+1
December 09 2014 22:51:06
hurzel your name is on this uku, too :) :) +0
nice template, hurzel! It has really a good groove :) I'm also looking forward to hear some kind of percussion on that one+1
December 09 2014 22:49:47
hurzel Thanks ;) You know, your name is signed on this uku, along with a lot other wikiloopers who attended the Urft jam session... :) +0
geil ;o)+1

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