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We should have more ukulele songs on wikiloops, so this is my small contribution. :)
I will replay and extend it if there is interest. This is rather a sketch and I'll wait for your musical ideas! ;)


July 12 2016 09:10:51
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens R.I.P Jeff Buckley

April 06 2015 17:05:16
SongbirdAzSongbirdAz Sweet!

December 15 2014 00:34:05
MalCoMalCo Yes..i agree.more ukulele songs,sounds great:-)

December 14 2014 00:30:11
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice!

December 13 2014 22:17:01
heliandrosheliandros total schön hurzl

December 13 2014 20:11:08
abuitremoremabuitremorem toll :)

December 10 2014 03:45:13
ROBJOLROBJOL I always wanted to own a ukulele. Is it hard to play?
+0 December 10 2014 10:02:23 ROBJOLhurzel
Absolutely not! It's the same relative tuning as the highest four strings of your guitar. (only D string transposed up one octave) You should check it out at your local music shop! ;)
December 10 2014 12:03:41 ROBJOLROBJOL
No chance with the local store. I am left handed...
December 10 2014 14:11:02 ROBJOLhurzel
I bet it will work in reverse. my tuning is g c e a, so the outer strings only differ two half steps, and c and e will be switchable too! Try it! ;)
December 10 2014 14:15:12 ROBJOLROBJOL
Sure will. I have seen a Martin Ukulele and they make it left handed. Will have a look at it soon. Thanks for the info.
December 09 2014 19:58:45
WadeWade Usually the word "ukulele" makes me run fast as possible the other direction. But as someone said "a shoe string can make music in the hands of a real musician". It's real music.
+2 December 09 2014 22:47:00 Wadehurzel
Thank you! That means a lot to me! :)
(The cheap uku I played would be lucky to be considered as a shoe string ;))
December 10 2014 06:29:56 WadeFishinmissio
As it is said Hurz....Not so much this instrument but the one playing it! Sounds awesome!
December 09 2014 18:13:49
haddockhaddock Nice one Benjamin, I'll have sooo much catching up to do when I get back home!
+1 December 09 2014 22:43:06 haddockhurzel
Thank you! Have a safe trip home! :)
December 09 2014 17:59:33
UloisiusUloisius geil ;o)


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