With my boots on

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Here's one for the fun tracks again.....had most fun of singing the second voice in the "verse" parts....

This song is all about my funky red boots!


November 07 2015 22:02:26
aleonzaleonz Super FUN track, really diggin this story about you and your boots, the keys very tasty as always, you flow nicely with your boots story Marc! any other about tshirt?
+1 November 07 2015 22:19:18 aleonzMarceys
Thanks Alice, gotta make that one for sure!
March 12 2015 19:44:48
ddruszkowskiddruszkowski Nice!

January 16 2015 16:11:18
DickDick how did I miss this?
+1 January 16 2015 17:53:20 DickMarceys
Think you were busy with the helpdesk?
January 16 2015 06:34:50
TofzegritTofzegrit Did You lost your boots as your keys (those which found in another song)😊

December 13 2014 14:36:26
JohnnievocalJohnnievocal It might be below zero but this song is HOT! creative song /lyric creation Marceys.(great work from Alex and Zam) Your song literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

December 10 2014 07:27:09
dimeomaxdimeomax Marceys...great Soul man...👏

December 10 2014 05:56:20
SlonMusicSlonMusic Ha ha great=)

December 09 2014 21:46:06
onewholeftonewholeft Nice boots

December 09 2014 20:04:23
WadeWade Big smiles. Great vocals that sound so serious in an 80s sort of way. Love the falsetto at 3:12...Saturday Night Boot Fever!

December 09 2014 20:01:15
alexjalexj :D

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