Can't Stop The Raining

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Loved this tune from Marcey. His Piano is top notch. Tried some new effects and redid a drum set just for this song. Wanted to get the feeling of a rehersal at a large empty concert hall. Practicing before a show kind of thing. Hope you all like. This song has been stuck in me head for a week now. Took a little while to get all me hits on-time and in tempo. Believe it came out pretty good. Would ...
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Piano and drums on stage


Perfect Jay :)+1
only pros on this track, Well done man:)+1
Hey Jaymny! Good drumming, I was curious if it would be played by a drummer! I played the piano with a click on the headphones! Tnx for the ride!+1
December 10 2014 16:43:52
Jaymny Not sure of the question but I played it on my drum set. It's a 10 piece VDrum set. Its not a sequencer track, if that's what your asking. I free played it live. And awesome keys on this one man. Your talented.
December 10 2014 16:48:44
Marceys Yeah, I can hear offcourse that you are realtime drmming! Great! I ment to say, that I knew it was a hard track to drum to! So my compliments! ... Sorry for my english...... +0
December 10 2014 18:08:34
Jaymny Thanks man. That's an awesome compliment. Means allot. +0
Really excellent drums! I like the depth of all the reverb, and went that way for the guitar overlays. Beautiful track!+1
Impresionante!!!!! Good Piano and drums Good job!+1
Ahhh so nice have a song in mind for this already+0
Fabulous !!+0
muito legal+0
Cool drumming!+0
Great drumming! Nice job!+0

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