TOUCH THE SKY bigdaddycee's FLIGHT

Remix step #3 (playing)


Babbazitt1565 jams Supporter
+ 12
Added some notes at 02.22. Great track to add some notes to!!
way up hightouch the skydo you see that bird flying thru the sky that's how i fee i've never ever been so highi'm not sure it's realI'm sky highi'm sky highi've heard about the way Love worksbut i've never known its touchresigned to wander all alonewhen i wanted love so muchand now my heart is in the cloudsand now i'm laughing right out loud i feel like i'm watching a movie of you and meand i'm liking this new twist you bring to the plota sad and lonely girl meets the one who can finally see who she really isthey are drawn together tied forever by love's sweet knotyou are the sky for memmmmi'm trying my new wingsi'm trying everythingi'm saying yes to you


January 11 2015 14:08:08
pauluspaulus Schön

December 12 2014 06:45:21
KeitonKeiton Cool! :)

December 11 2014 08:23:57
UloisiusUloisius cool guitar Ian ;o)

December 11 2014 05:46:14
ROBJOLROBJOL Hard to say something. I was hooked to the words and the voices. Love really makes people to know who they really are.
The song was so tight that I did not pay attention to the music. It was just there, part of the mood.

+2 December 11 2014 17:18:44 ROBJOLAnneCozean
i LOVE that you know about LOVE, Rob. 8) i am well loved in real life, and think that makes me a better singer. glad you can hear that!
December 11 2014 18:26:54 ROBJOLROBJOL
As a matter of fact I share love whit a wonderful woman who returns the feelings. Maybe that's why I appreciated the words and the singing.
December 11 2014 18:28:17 ROBJOLAnneCozean
we are lucky!
December 11 2014 03:36:31
cody trippcody tripp Perfect add Ian !!

December 11 2014 02:18:12
AnneCozeanAnneCozean awwww - very sweet, Ian. thank you so much!

December 11 2014 00:34:05
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey just gorgeous folks

December 10 2014 22:42:51
incivanpicoincivanpico nice add Babz m8;)
+1 December 10 2014 22:46:19 incivanpicoBabbazitt
thanks inci!!
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