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You could try walking a day in my shoes and you could try finding a way, but you choose, on tiptoe, walking on glass, and the time goes, but not fast enough, and the road just seems to be getting longer. You could try seeing the things that I do,
and maybe believing might just get you through. ‘Cause they say
if you pray hard enough, there’s a chance, you will be heard.
There’s an answer coming, can you hear the word. Is it written on water, can you hear the word, are you running, you ought to be… could try living a day, you could try
living a day, you could try living a day. You could try walking a day in my shoes. You could try finding a way but you choose, You could try walking a day in my shoes, you could try finding a way, but you choose… could try living a life.
(Shi 2014) My thanks to @Fresh for a fab track :)
vocals from 0:05 to 1:44 and 2:13 to end


December 19 2014 11:59:11
machetemachete what is it with you people and the pre-christmassy foot thingy? socks, boots, now shoes... :D
very uplifting, thanks for another truly enjoyable song! :)

December 17 2014 22:36:55
pauluspaulus very lovely voice

December 14 2014 15:52:14
mulambomulambo hey Shi! Loved this collab with you and Fresh! SuperCool and original acoustic rock! I´m lucky to have the chance to play with such talented and criative artists. Cheers!
+1 December 14 2014 20:33:15 mulamboShi
many thanks mulambo :)
December 14 2014 05:19:41
SlonMusicSlonMusic Very nice!=)
+1 December 14 2014 20:33:25 SlonMusicShi
thanks Steve :)
December 13 2014 11:22:58
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super add! Great performance and lyrics, STUNNING!
+1 December 14 2014 20:35:28 akethesnakerShi
thanks ake, that's kind of you to day
December 13 2014 02:55:22
francisco alfrancisco al ótimo vocal
+1 December 14 2014 20:35:04 francisco alShi
obrigado francisco :)
December 13 2014 01:22:50
hurzelhurzel Awesome! The template seems to be non-trivial to me. You got it!
+1 December 14 2014 20:34:48 hurzelShi
I appreciate the listen and the kind comment hurzel :)
December 13 2014 01:04:52
WadeWade You make those changes and different structure sound easy. Fine production, lyrics, etc. Such a high level of concept and performance.
+1 December 14 2014 20:34:14 WadeShi
thankyou Wade, I appreciate that..:)
December 13 2014 00:46:26
ZamzamZamzam Fantastic!
+2 December 14 2014 20:34:26 ZamzamShi
thanks Zam :)
December 13 2014 00:04:59
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk Awesome Shi, beautiful done and very nice lyrics
+1 December 14 2014 20:33:48 @FreshFunkShi
glad you like it Fresh...real nice template :)

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