In My Underpants

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Gerhard on Guitar. Check out the end for his very funky vocals. From a live jam...a bit funky


Ok Wade...I need to know how you get inspiration for your track titles... :-)+2
December 16 2014 05:06:57
Wade This one has the lyrics at the end " I wee weed in my underpants". Others are a matter of when finished with the edit I put down the first words that come to mind. When re-posting others tunes I mostly use whatever they did. +1
December 14 2014 07:04:58
Lenny Cowler
Wade Hope to hear some drums? +0
December 14 2014 07:10:26
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I downloaded it,
this style I like, but I do not control it, it's a challenge and I'll try:)
Hehe yes its challenging:) I want to join soon:)+1
December 14 2014 19:38:44
Wade Thanks...Get in there! +0
Absolutely love this song ! Beautiful :) and the vocals at the end ... perfect :)+1
December 14 2014 19:42:42
Wade Thanks Rob. Have tried to get Gerhard to post more of his stuff. Seems like I'm doing all the posting...more to come. One 1 1/2 of jamming = six good tunes. Wonder what would happen if we ever practiced together? +1
December 14 2014 22:29:29
RobM Looking forward to the next instalment :) +1
December 14 2014 22:35:20
Wade Don't want to wear out my welcome. Have 14 tunes waiting...release one a day? Piling up! +0
Nice sounding feeling :)+1
December 14 2014 19:44:11
Wade Thanks aduennwald. Gerhard likes this sort of Early 2oth century do I. +0
Very nice, cool! Say hello to Gerhard :)+1
December 14 2014 19:45:08
Wade Thanks Haddock, Won't see Gerhard until next year. Came over yesterday for a jam. He's heading to his parents near Nelson for the holidays. +0
Different jam....nice!+1
December 14 2014 19:45:48
Wade Thanks GB, yea we can do different. +0
Super ;o)+1
December 14 2014 19:46:34
Wade Thanks Ulo. Trying to get Gerhard to post some his tunes he sings in German. You'd like. +0
very soft and sexy ! top fun !! sweet ending :)+1
December 14 2014 19:49:48
Wade Thanks OliVBee. Gerhard had the loop already recorded with the vocal layers. First I'd heard it...but such an easy style to fit into. Single take jam edited down. +1
December 14 2014 22:24:51
OliVBee cool beans bud :) +1
very cool Wade !!+1
December 14 2014 19:51:02
Wade Thanks Cody. It's something different to most of the styles played here, but easy fun. +1
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