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Gerhard on Guitar. Check out the end for his very funky vocals. From a live jam...a bit funky


August 19 2015 15:09:10
superb!!of your soul directly into the instrument!
+1 August 19 2015 22:32:16 jamlady Wade
Thanks jamlady! I'd hope that my soul is always this playful.
January 13 2015 19:48:33
you are a delight, Wade! wee weed? Gerhard!!!! :)
+1 January 14 2015 06:36:25 AnneCozean Wade
Anne, thanks for stopping by. I've been trying to get Gerhard to post more of his crazy stuff...he also does serious, but with a twist.
December 17 2014 19:07:00
Fun one:)
+1 December 17 2014 20:43:29 akethesnaker Wade
Thanks Ake. Fun is what it was about. Hard to be serious about lyrics like "I wee weed in my underpants".
December 17 2014 17:44:34
We all love Wade's music. NO surprises. We expect to be pleasantly greeted with that sound. You should feel great about your playing Wade.
+1 December 17 2014 20:41:58 mic1011 Wade
Glad there's something that comes through to you and others. I'm just having fun. In this case it's a live jam which really is where I live.
December 17 2014 15:43:46
so good, wade :)
+1 December 17 2014 20:40:25 heliandros Wade
Thanks heliandros. Was just a fun jam. Have been encouraging Gerhard to post more of his stuff...crazy fun.
December 16 2014 22:27:52
very kool, Wade
+1 December 17 2014 04:56:03 allgirl Wade
Thanks allgirl. I think we share poking around in the oldie stuff occasionally + a bit of odd.
December 17 2014 05:00:44 allgirl allgirl
no doubt. i live in the past anyway so there you have it.
December 15 2014 23:44:47
Ok Wade...I need to know how you get inspiration for your track titles... :-)
+2 December 16 2014 05:06:57 Fishinmissio Wade
This one has the lyrics at the end " I wee weed in my underpants". Others are a matter of when finished with the edit I put down the first words that come to mind. When re-posting others tunes I mostly use whatever they did.
December 14 2014 22:16:48
I can imagine some cats in the night, making very cool music!
+1 December 14 2014 22:33:36 gnoerreby Wade
It does have the cat like quality! Well observed!
December 16 2014 19:50:25 gnoerreby gnoerreby
Hey man, that was not my idea! I think you know this! :)
December 16 2014 22:12:41 gnoerreby Wade
If the cats are cool it's OK. I'd just like to be the only
Tom on the block.
December 14 2014 22:01:35
Love this
+1 December 14 2014 22:32:40 onewholeft Wade
Thanks Lairdy. Looking forward to an all antipodean jam.
December 15 2014 02:36:59 onewholeft onewholeft
Will have to do that mate
December 14 2014 20:23:30
this is full of mischief from the start, nice playful atmosphere and fun to listen to as well. Thanks Wade and Gerhard :)
+1 December 14 2014 21:02:03 Shi Wade
Thanks Shi. Yes, little devil boys at play.
December 17 2014 17:46:44 Shi mic1011
Hi SHI! Can you elaborate for me what elements in this piece comprise "mischief"? Is it a risky set of notes together theory wise, or is it the actual sound? Thanks!

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