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The name of a small town in New Zealand pronounced "why kick a moo cow". African beats on guitar (Gerhard) with a (sort of) steel drum sound and sax. Would love to hear real rhythms and bass or any others who would like to join in.
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African fusion


intersting, dig a lot this kind of music. very good!!+1
December 15 2014 19:47:09
Wade Maybe you'll join in? +1
good and intersting Wade:)+1
December 15 2014 19:47:36
Lenny Cowler
Wade The invite is out there for a sensitive drummer.... +2
This is as different from the kind of music i usually listen to as they come & yet….. i couldn't resist listening 3 times to it !!
Love it Wade & so enjoy being surprised ;)
December 15 2014 19:59:46
Wade Thanks Nuno. I feed off Gerhard's creativity. He's also Nuts, so there's that element. +1
December 15 2014 20:06:35
nuno1959 Ah Nuts !… now i understand the ''Granola Fixation'' !! ;) +1
December 16 2014 04:56:51
Wade Nuts are OK with me. +1
Hypnotic and saxy!+1
December 16 2014 04:57:48
Wade Thanks Priscilla. Though you'd like as you go to those strange little corners as well. +1
Very cool blend going on here. 2 unique sounds but they just fit really well together. Nice one Wade (and Gerhard) :)+1
December 16 2014 04:59:48
Wade Thanks Rob. Gerhard has done this sound before. I really like the timbre and asked him specifically to do it. I love the percussive tinny steel drum quality which works well for African style beats. +1
very nice ;o)+1
Transported to a different time and place....just great.+1
December 16 2014 05:00:42
Wade Thanks Malco. I know you go to those "different" places as well. +2
December 16 2014 13:40:23
MalCo Yes, I think we all need to dip our toes in the unusual to move forward creatively. +0
With a name like that,I could compare it to a small village in my county: "Coaticook"
Very nice sound and rhythm.
December 16 2014 05:01:35
Wade Thanks Robjol. Yea, love those words that just flow out of the mouth. +0
Fabulous! Love the silky sax parts in this.+1
December 16 2014 05:03:28
Wade Thanks StratPlayer. This one is a sopranino sax. Very high pitch and has almost nothing written for it. Usually thought of as a novelty. I love using it. +0
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