Walking under the Sun

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This song is also part of the album "Smoothie"

Walking under the Sun.
I`m walking under the Sun.
Walking under the Sun.
I`m walking under the Sun.

An einem verregneten Tag,
irgendwo im westlichen Mitteleuropa.
Da denke ich darüber nach,
wo ich den Sommer über war im letzten Jahr.

Ich renne zum Chef und reiche meinen Urlaub ein,
den Koffer habe ich schon in der Hand.
Dann schmeisse ich mich in meine Karre hinein,
und fahre nach Spanien an den Strand.

Walking under the Sun.
I`m walking under the Sun.
Walking under the Sun.
I`m walking under the Sun.

Ich schlafe am Meer, dort wo mich niemand sieht.
Ich frühstücke in der Strandbar.
Ich merke wie es mich nach draußen zieht,
der Himmel ist blau und klar.

Walking under the Sun.
I`m walking under the Sun.

©uloisius 2014


June 27 2016 22:11:13
francisco alfrancisco al
bom trabalho
+1 June 28 2016 00:14:17 francisco al Uloisius
Thank you very much francisco 😊
October 15 2015 03:57:13
:) I was not a wikilooper at this date so let me appreciate this song only now !
So cute !

September 28 2015 11:27:23
Das ist fantastisch! :-)
+1 September 28 2015 11:30:32 SlavikBass Uloisius
Thank you so much ;o)
May 29 2015 13:02:21
Jetzt erst entdeckt! Ich liebe es! Super song, Uli :)
+1 May 29 2015 21:07:29 Liesching Uloisius
Vielen Dank Marc, freut mich wie du weisst immer sehr wenn es dir gefällt.
January 04 2015 03:02:26
Very nice!
+1 January 04 2015 09:24:54 SlonMusic Uloisius
Thank you Slon ;o)
December 24 2014 04:19:33
Funny how everything seems upside/down :
Here you are wishing for some sunshine while you have cold, rain & maybe a bit of snow ?
I have sunshine & i wish i had some snow !!… Go figure.. ;)
NICE song Ulo...

+1 December 24 2014 08:54:39 nuno1959 Uloisius
Yes it is nuno, you always want what others have and what you yourself did you know often not enough to appreciate them. Snow we have here with us not, but for the days after Christmas, a cold wave is predicted ;o)
December 20 2014 22:45:40
Very very well Ulo congratulations. Here where I live (Costa del Sol Andalucia) it is winter now but today are the same at 20 ° sunny day, perfect to hear this magnificent version
+1 December 21 2014 08:12:13 GlezBass Uloisius
I'm glad you like it, I was many years back with you down there in the area, Malaga, San Pedro and Algeciras ... the father of my nephews and my niece comes out of the corner and we have a few relatives visited by him. Was a good time ...
December 21 2014 15:17:54 GlezBass GlezBass
This area of the world is a part of paradise
December 20 2014 08:17:58
Well, think I have to look for the sun now! Tnx for the ride!
+1 December 20 2014 12:36:53 Marceys Uloisius
Thx Marceys ;o)
December 19 2014 04:46:43
hey is great..:) nice mood
+1 December 19 2014 17:49:07 @FreshFunk Uloisius
Thank you FreshFunk ;o)
December 19 2014 03:01:26
That's what I needed tonite. A breath of summer. Tks Ulo.
+1 December 19 2014 17:48:11 OB-Lix Uloisius
with pleasure, i have to thank you ;o)

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