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An African rhythm but the name stick game is about a New Zealand Maori game that is meant to be a test of coordination. This certainly tests my coordination. From a live jam. All welcome to join in the fun.


An instant fav!+1
October 04 2018 09:24:50
Wade Another compliment? Certainly welcome and very kind of you! +0
Lovely groovy!+1
October 04 2018 09:26:04
Wade So kind of you to have a listen and comment. Thanks hartmut! +1
Fantastic Wade+1
November 23 2015 23:19:35
Wade Thanks Xavi. Not as slick as a lot of pieces posted here, but it's a live jam, so has flaws. Glad you like. +0
I could listen to you play all day...+1
October 05 2015 21:03:14
Wade Really? I have trouble listening to me play all day. Ha! Hopefully by now you can tell how much I appreciate your music and playing. Very inspirational for me. Do it live some time??? +0
so clear, so beautiful, so creative!+1
October 05 2015 21:01:31
Wade Thanks jamlady! Just got around to seeing your comment. All credit to Gerhard for this lovely interpretation of an African rhythmic phrase he learned. +0
This track give a joyful to the soul! sweetness!+1
August 11 2015 11:07:36
Wade Thanks so much. I love playing in these African rhythms as they are playful from the start. +1
what a joy to listen to Wade and Gerhard, just found this one...lovely :)+1
June 23 2015 00:03:45
Wade Thanks Shi, sorry I missed your comment the first time around. +1
Big sound ! Love it.. :)+1
Don't get me wrong---pre :41 was great, just started focusing there. Then couldn't stop. :)+1
December 21 2014 20:49:52
Wade I'm not that sensitive! That was a great review. Thanks again. +0
Gerhard's guitar is so full of a gently bursting joyousness! You match his mood so beautifully, Wade - honestly, your tones are soooooo pretty - your endings are exquisite. your harmony lines are whimsically wonderful. i never knew a sax could be controlled so well - have never heard such a soft mellow sax til now. :41 - to the perfect end was especially brilliant. i know you're smiling NOW. :)+1
December 21 2014 20:48:29
Wade How could I not smile after a review like that! Too kind. My approach to sax is "open" I'd rather not play the expected jazz cliches. Just another instrument with lots of possibilities. +0
December 21 2014 20:55:13
AnneCozean "Smiling now" as in appreciating your own abilities, as in knowing it sounded good. Certainly not cuz of my harsh review! :) +1
December 21 2014 21:01:56
Wade Hmmm. A different reality. I'm a jammer and this was a live jam. I'm dong what I can to be "in the moment". Anytime the ego creeps in the music stops coming out of me. Can enjoy, but shouldn't own what's happening. It flows through.

I have enormous respect for you and others who "compose". You work at your art/craft honing and have much to be proud of and fantastic accomplishments. I'm only as good as what I can do in the moment and can't really think about that as it's happening.
December 21 2014 21:22:46
AnneCozean at the risk of beating a dying horse: "can't really think about that as it's happening." and in my humble (if it's Tuesday) opionion, THAT'S exactly why you CAN smile NOW, cuz "the happening" has passed and you can hear what you've done. ok, now don't lemme post here again, Wade! +1
December 24 2014 19:55:19
Wade OK,but maybe just a small tease: Most of us tend to be our own worst critics..."better note choices, timing, tone, etc." I'm particularly bad about this, but maybe it's OK as it helps me strive and improve. If the listeners are entertained by what happened that's good and it does satisfy. I think an audience more easily forgives flubs if the overall feel and sound is good. +0
December 24 2014 19:58:23
AnneCozean Wade, your sound is SO good! :) +1
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