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played it in one take.... just some chords over this cool track!


Nice add... stylish keyboard Marc.+1
super M.:)+1
Super ;o)+1
Great stuff! Everyone swings.+1
Great Band :)+1
Fantastic mix, goes onto my playlist ;) ;)+1
nice track !+1
Nice to have the grounding of the keys. I think we were hearing slightly different chord structures at times. Probably would be better if you went back before me and then I could use your chosen chords. Excellent playing and you sound great in there.+0
December 22 2014 00:58:53
Marceys I think it's Bm7 Cmaj7 & Em7 Fmaj7 ..... +0
December 22 2014 02:45:54
Wade When you only have a bass and sax there's just two notes. I was trying to "color" those chords a bit more, but when they are fleshed out to your chord choices what I played sounds off. The idea of just two notes is that the listener can then fill in the other sounds of what that chord could be. If yours went before, then I'm tied into your chord pattern. I guess you couldn't hear what I was doing which was not all standard 7 chords. +2
December 22 2014 02:52:19
Wade Check out 20682 again. Listen and see if those notes together sound "off" or hint at a more colorful chord. +0
December 22 2014 07:28:10
Marceys I see what you're getting at! I shall play them again today, holiday.... So lots of time on my hands :) +2
December 22 2014 09:05:47
Wade Thanks Marceys. I'm game to follow your chords, but we would still need to go back two steps. Once your chords are there then anyone else can also run with your chords. My (odd) note/chord selections won't work as well as a more standard structure. +0

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