Fat Bird

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mix by OliV
Lyrics :
Stop knocking at my door cause I’m lyin’ on the floor
I got a civil war inside my brain, had to close the store with an iron chain
Still it keeps knocking and knocking again
Give me some wing to rise my mind cause I got a fat bird unable to fly
Broken loose I’m a goose without rule I’m a fool
Sticking to the subsoil, bathing into the coal oil
Quite sure I won’t get by, though I try
Between devil and deep blue sea, a power hammer beating my soul
Should I sing or should I cry in this war between I and me
Whatever I choose, if I win I lose
I get confused too easily, won’t somebody tell me
How to get rid of the enemy and still be sitting on the same tree
Whatever I choose, if I win I lose
Fat birds they can’t fly even though they try
I can pop my fuse dancing like a goose
Sticking on the floor won’t open my door
There deep in the ground can’t hear no more sound
Hammers beat a


August 30 2016 02:19:25
AnneCozeanAnneCozean All Hail That Voice!
and very creative brain, as well.
seriously excellent, Ace.

August 14 2016 14:22:13
TofzegritTofzegrit Oh!?!? An Hidden track:)
+0 August 14 2016 16:44:01 Tofzegritmarmotte
not hidden at all, but hush, it's a secret ! ;)
April 05 2016 00:06:51
ellouidirellouidir Good singing Marmotte ! Cool song ! :)

July 14 2015 12:36:24
YvYv Excellent.

July 10 2015 21:02:36
GirardGirard Amazing, and killer and total domination!

May 02 2015 23:21:11
OrlanduOrlandu Awesome vocals, great lirycs and execution, and voice ofcourse. Bravo!

December 26 2014 14:45:03
MilachicaMilachica Masterpiece!
Any chance you can post the text?

+0 January 16 2015 17:25:01 Milachicamarmotte
Done ! ;)
December 26 2014 13:06:14
MalCoMalCo Outstanding

December 24 2014 06:27:37
nuno1959nuno1959 Fantastic, i love this !!
Well done M & everybody else ;)

December 23 2014 22:45:32
marmottemarmotte Thanks so much, I'm ashamed as I am not very active here (I even let Oliv post in my name), your words heat my cold december nights : :)

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