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Remix step #2 (playing)
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First take before drums check the one with drums for how it changed the feel and approach (an exercise in perception).


July 11 2015 01:07:10
AnneCozeanAnneCozean i love it when grown men make me cry with their music. Wade - your sax is beautifully wistful and yearning. your lines send me to Dreamland - this one sent me twice. thank you, thank you.

December 24 2014 19:46:25
WadeWade Thanks Nuno. Just love this template from Alex. Tells a wonderful (short) story.

December 24 2014 06:40:06
nuno1959nuno1959 ………………………
What can i say the music doesn't already ?…………………………...

December 23 2014 08:58:17
UloisiusUloisius sehr schön ;o)
+1 December 23 2014 09:49:30 UloisiusWade
Dank Uli.
December 23 2014 04:21:41
SlonMusicSlonMusic Beautiful music.
+1 December 23 2014 06:16:08 SlonMusicWade
Thanks Steve. I Appreciate the listen.
December 22 2014 23:11:03
issiroissiro Incredible feel and use of space! :)
+1 December 23 2014 06:15:37 issiroWade
Thanks issiro. As replied to OliVBee I love that space thing between bass and sax which engages the listener to hear the stuff between that's NOT played. Good ears!
December 22 2014 22:25:44
DickDick songs of hope... thanks for this
+1 December 23 2014 06:12:53 DickWade
Thanks for the listen Dick. Didn't think of hope..but it fits.
December 23 2014 10:07:04 DickDick
"songs of hope" is actually a title for a compilation of tracks I have been thinking to do from my own material... this one here would fit the concept, the mixture of space, monotony and free-flight emotion is something I can relate to a lot. Its where my hopes are fed - how could one ever give up as long as there is tunes like that?
December 23 2014 18:42:30 DickWade
I like the concept. I guess there could be others as well: songs of endurance" (something you'd know about); songs of passion; etc. I'll reserve "songs of belligerence" for me.
December 22 2014 21:09:05
OliVBeeOliVBee very nice feel ! cool notes that are suggesting so much :) ... i love the non played in your approach !
+2 December 23 2014 04:02:32 OliVBeeWade
Thanks OliVBee. Probably one of my favorite things to do is play with just bass. Between the two notes you can hint at the chords and structure making the listener fill in what's implied. Less can be more. Not everybody can hear or get this though. Nice big ears you've got grandma.
December 22 2014 20:34:42
MarceysMarceys Oh wow! High class performance!
+1 December 23 2014 06:12:05 MarceysWade
Too kind...tough to live up to. Maybe I'll live it down?

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