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Just the same as 2907 but in G so people with C harps can jam too. Happy to record it again if anyone wants it in any other keys :)+0
Thanks Chris! Now I don´t know which one I should use for the harp :)
...I think this one!
I'm no expert but as far as I understand it, blues harp is better played in the second position (something to do with which notes you can bend I think) so for blues in A you use a D harp (A-b-c-D) and for blues in G you use a C harp (G-a-b-C). #2959 is in Bb so Mandolodda played a Eb harp in the second position (B-c-d-E). He will be able to explain it better than me...+0
Good job!+0
solid bass+0
thats a nice touch to practise winds, too :)+0
Sorry Chris, I wrote misleading. I meant, that I´m not sure, if should play to Nr.2977 or 2907. But your explanation about the crossharping is perfect :)
This loop is good for a c-harp. It´s bookmarked!
Ah right, I should have checked your profile first hahaha :D+0
good job, great description :-)+0
G Minor, children!+0

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