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inspiriert durch den Titel von formfrei`s schönem Template: Noche con J

This Song is Part of the Album „Lagerfeuerlieder“



June 16 2015 22:27:41
Pit BrettPit Brett sehr gut gesungen! Der Text ist spitze!!

January 12 2015 19:18:55
DickDick super text! das gefällt mir (dank an die liste :) )
+1 January 12 2015 23:37:37 DickUloisius
Vielen Dank Dick ;o)
December 30 2014 00:20:28
RobMRobM I like the gentleness of this one. Very nice Ulo :)
+1 December 30 2014 14:24:51 RobMUloisius
I am very glad that you like it ;o)
December 27 2014 12:57:20
formfreiformfrei That's very nice texted! I like your work Uloisius!
+1 December 27 2014 17:42:10 formfreiUloisius
Freut mich das es dir gefällt ;o)
December 27 2014 08:28:20
chrisbasschrisbass verrry niccce
+1 December 27 2014 09:15:49 chrisbassUloisius
Thank you Chris ;o)
December 26 2014 23:40:58
ToadCruncherToadCruncher interesting song well played to all:)
+1 December 27 2014 07:42:11 ToadCruncherUloisius
Thank you ToadCruncher ;o)
December 26 2014 23:11:06
onewholeftonewholeft Very nice just with I could understand the language we only get English in Australia so don't get to learn other languages but the sound if great
+1 December 27 2014 07:40:27 onewholeftUloisius
Thank you Lairdy. This is with the languages already such a thing, I myself have problems with English, other languages anyway. Luckily, there are indeed the Google Translator. The translations of the translator, although sometimes found something on the head but usually refers to what is meant. Here is the translation of the translator of this text here, I hope you are getting fairly clear so that:

At an evening with friends,
there is drunk and laughed.
See you do not do so often
everyone tells what he is doing so.

One evening among enemies,
full of controversy and vulgarity.
Everyone pushes the other over the head
and there is nothing there.

On an evening with colleagues,
after work at half past eight.
Comfortable with a bottle of beer
the old stories ruminate.

Evening at home in the family,
TV runs like every day.
Discussions, there are only
if one does not like the program.

Evening with like-minded,
all pull together.
Devoted and passionate,
you can see it already on view.

One evening among strangers,
because you feel most alone.
But sometimes doing really well,
just once to be yourself.
December 27 2014 07:43:05 onewholeftonewholeft
Great Lyrics thanks mate
December 26 2014 20:18:18
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler nice Ulo:)
+1 December 27 2014 07:32:23 Lenny CowlerUloisius
Thank you Lenny ;o)
December 26 2014 20:15:31
jabluejablue he,he, ja, genau, schöne Lyrik aus manch wahren Leben. Grossartig
+1 December 27 2014 07:32:01 jablueUloisius
Vielen Dank jablue ;o)
December 26 2014 19:38:02
WadeWade Beautifully sung with heart and soul. Beautiful simple backing. Perfect .
+1 December 26 2014 19:50:39 WadeUloisius
Thank you Wade ;o)

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