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post your remix!
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i added all that was not there


Love this one+0
Cool chords!+0
December 27 2014 13:08:27
mikekrupke its all about the cool you hear and the thing you feel..i had been given a great gift of luck and picking cool stuff +0
Good one! Not sure why you drop all these tracks at one time though.+0
December 27 2014 22:07:44
mikekrupke i drop when i finish... +0
December 28 2014 00:02:34
Wade There's between 30 to 50 tracks posted a day. Most members don't visit daily and aren't likely to go back through hundreds of tracks but might check out what came in that day. If you spread them you've got a better chance of people hearing your great stuff. Maybe it doesn't matter to you??? +0
December 28 2014 07:17:58
mikekrupke well the thing is i live in a small area so i am used to going does not matter that much but what i want is to see/hear more people performing what they do..i am a writer by passion so if i hear someone singing what i have done great...the tracks i do on web sites like this is to show potential of what i can do for them...i do not play instruments... +0
December 28 2014 19:29:14
Wade OK, I'll try just one more time: if you want to hear others "singing what you have done", or "to show others the potential of what you can do", then you can achieve this better if you spread them out a bit instead of dumping all at one time. Otherwise only a small number will see them. Just trying to help you achieve your stated goal. +0
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