OVER & DONE w Neronick

Remix step #2

acoustic Guitar:

Neronick115 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)


docnat317 jams Supporter
+ 15
Well then I'll try me too to put a bass line in this song. I must say that it wasn't easy at all reconcile kick drum bass and acustic guitar to which I had to attenuate certain frequencies.


December 29 2014 01:46:11
Nice bass Doc but i have to agree : it's a little buried in the mix ;)
+0 December 29 2014 20:44:53 nuno1959 docnat
you put salt into the wound, is now gone.
December 28 2014 21:47:41
Nice bass!:)

December 27 2014 21:15:19
very good, cool song

December 27 2014 20:12:18
Excellent add, but a little too low in the mix.
+0 December 27 2014 20:18:43 Wade docnat
I think you're right
December 27 2014 18:35:56
very cool add ;o)

December 27 2014 17:33:59
glad you jumped on board, Doc - i wanted much more of you, too! don't hold back - tell us how you REALLY feel. :)
+0 December 27 2014 20:39:42 AnneCozean docnat
So I sit on the psychoanalyst couch and I begin to tell my infancy or I declare my love, musical love, to Anne? :)
December 27 2014 20:54:33 AnneCozean AnneCozean
yes, please do tell us all about it - especially that LOVE part....! :)
December 28 2014 02:05:11 AnneCozean docnat
as would "tell us" this argument is rather "tell me" and if you were more near we could talk of that to dinner :)
December 28 2014 02:10:28 AnneCozean AnneCozean
where are you parked? :)
December 28 2014 08:55:32 AnneCozean docnat
more or less at 43°21′58.5″N 13°37′13.22″E :)
December 28 2014 12:21:33 AnneCozean AnneCozean
Ah - we know that spot! Wait right there! We have secured our aging parents' permission and they are coming, too! Table for 4? 8)
December 28 2014 19:58:15 AnneCozean docnat
I know, I understand you're not ready for a tête-à-tête with a stranger Italian bassist you want to know me better and then I parked the car very far. Still a few songs and then maybe you will trust me. I'm a good guy, after all :)
December 28 2014 20:14:45 AnneCozean AnneCozean
i would trust you more if you played any other instrument....:) you ARE indeed a good guy, D - and very fun (for a bassist). 8)
December 28 2014 21:36:37 AnneCozean docnat
Oh no! no! The usual bassist discrimination, we play low notes but we don't do lowness at least not everybody. Anne you break my heart!! :)
December 28 2014 22:51:24 AnneCozean AnneCozean
i only joke, docnat - actually i choose to come back next lifetime as a bassist. you are the backbone of our songs!
January 12 2015 21:08:24 AnneCozean Dick
you guys ARE cute
December 27 2014 17:21:09
Nice one doc

December 27 2014 16:57:07
Good job, considering that in the mastertrack it is present another bass tone.. (guitar?).. Bravo Doc!!;)
+0 December 27 2014 20:51:10 Anno_Nym docnat
often happens when you add a bass line to an acoustic guitar is need to cut the low frequencies of guitar otherwise it's the caos
December 27 2014 16:19:15
great bass, doc, it´s smooth! but i think it´s mixed too low on the track, i would try a different tone of bass, more open, maybe..

December 27 2014 16:12:51
Well Doc, your bass line fits perfect in this branch of the song, too. A guitarsolo in the way of "Gimme shelter" would be worth a try now... :)

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