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New Zealand


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This song is a part of my album "Alte Weisen No.1"

Alle stehn um dich herum: 
Fotograf und Mutti 
und ein Kasten, schwarz und stumm, 
Felix, Tante Putti... 
Sie wackeln mit dem Schlüsselbund, 
fröhlich quietscht ein Gummihund. 
"Baby, lach mal!" ruft Mama. 
"Guck", ruft Tante, "eiala!" 
Aber du, mein kleiner Mann, 
siehst dir die Gesellschaft an... 
Na, und dann - was meinste? 

Später stehn um dich herum 
Vaterland und Fahnen; 
Kirche, Ministerium, 
Welsche und Germanen. 
Jeder stiert nur unverwandt 
auf das eigne kleine Land. 
Jeder kräht auf seinem Mist, 
weiß genau, was Wahrheit ist. 
Aber du, mein guter Mann, 
siehst dir die Gesellschaft an... 
Na, und dann - was machste? 

Text: Kurt Tucholsky 1890 – 1935


November 21 2016 10:48:19
This song is a part of my album "Alte Weisen No.1"


December 30 2014 18:56:52
so ist es leider meistens. Aber ein Wandel steht auch schon vor der Tür. Super Text und gesungen
+1 December 30 2014 19:54:50 jamlady Uloisius
Vielen Dank jamlady ;o)
Der "Wind of change" weht ganz schön heftig, mal sehen wo er uns hin weht ...
December 30 2014 06:27:59
Ein trauriges Bild so wunderschoen gesungen von dir, Uli! Food for thought enhanced with your unique voice! Thank you :)
+1 December 30 2014 13:59:17 Marianne Uloisius
Vielen Dank Marianne, als ich den Text von Tucholsky entdeckt habe wusste ich sofort das er super zu dieser superschönen Musik von Oliv, Wade und Jamlady passen würde ;o)
December 30 2014 00:25:59
Beautiful and thought provoking ! Wunderbar Ulo ! :)
+1 December 30 2014 13:55:57 RobM Uloisius
Thanks Rob, I find the text of Tucholsky simply brilliant, especially the second part goes so well with the political events of these days ;o)
December 29 2014 07:35:51
I have seen the Google Translator text not translated correctly. So I got him a little bit modified so you can better understand the English translation. A professional English translation of the text unfortunately I could not find the net.

All stand around you:
Photographer mom
and a box, black and silent,
Felix, aunt putti ...
They wiggle the key ring,
happy squeals a rubber dog.
"Baby, laughing again!" Calls Mummy.
"Look," calls aunt, "eiala!"
But you, my little man,
You see you at the Society ...
Well, and then - what do you think?
Do you cry.

Later, standing around you
Fatherland and flags;
Church, ministry,
Welsh and Germans.
Everyone stares intently only
on one's own small country.
Each crows on his dung,
knows exactly what is truth.
But you, my good man,
You see you at the Society ...
Well, and then - what are you doing?
Are you laughing.

December 29 2014 06:57:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
I agree with Nuno:)
+1 December 29 2014 07:27:01 Lenny Cowler Uloisius
Thank you Lenny ;o)
December 29 2014 03:42:05
You always pick these very interesting texts, poems… sure gives another dimension to things, specially done the way you do it Ulo, VERY nice… ;)
+1 December 29 2014 07:26:34 nuno1959 Uloisius
Thank you nuno, i am very glad that you like it ;o)
December 28 2014 23:07:03
Master!! :)
+1 December 29 2014 00:31:56 Anno_Nym Uloisius
Thank you Francesco ;o)
i do not feel so ;o)
December 29 2014 00:36:47 Anno_Nym Anno_Nym
You are!! Really!!
December 28 2014 23:01:16
Sehr schön!
+1 December 29 2014 00:26:47 Marceys Uloisius
Vielen Dank Marceys ;o)
December 28 2014 22:41:58
+1 December 29 2014 00:26:12 onewholeft Uloisius
Thank you Lairdy ;o)

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