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My real 1st attempt at building an epic/cinematic piece from scratch, 7 tracks later this was the result and after I heard Rob's remix I could not hold back from loading. I want to thank the wikiloops community for the great encouragement to really get into my music.
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Cinematc, Epic, orchestra


Another cinematic piece with lots of fine elements that builds nicely. Just one spot at the end 6:11 that sounds like there is a hiccup? Meant to be?+2
December 31 2014 00:58:09
JohnKou hey Wade, thanks to all for the great feedback, the hiccup is not meant to be there, maybe an issue with the wav>mp3 conversion +1
January 03 2015 14:36:45
nuno1959 How did you do it so when i click on the 6:11 the player takes me to it ? That's a feature i didn't know about ... +0
January 03 2015 14:38:44
nuno1959 OK, think i got it…. it's the : between the 6 & the 11 !!
Way cool !! ;)
Phenomenal !!! :)+2
Nice song John:)+1
Very nice 'after the big event' piece, pensive, reflecting+1
Well done! Not much more to say...+1
Killer Fantastic !!+1
Man - this is amazing - to bad that i have no time at the moment to jam on this - there are tons of ideas in my head!!+1
December 31 2014 01:02:07
JohnKou Hey Basster, I am really excited to see what you can do to it, enjoy +0
oh wie wunderschön!+1
perfect storytelling with the words of music... you touch my heart! This is epic and simply great - thank you!+1
I find the fade out quiet ... disturbing, but, boy !, that's REALLY epic !! Very good job !+1
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