Manic Mechanic

New Zealand
Wade554 jams
Czech Republic
Lenny Cowler1049 jams
step II
mulambo291 jams
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+ 12
well, jazz is really a style i dont feel confortable, but friends were having fun here, and there was a place for a bass player, so i come and play! of course, my bass is everything but jazz!


Trapped after 2 chords+1
December 30 2014 22:31:25
mulambo Hi ake!! : o ) +1
December 30 2014 22:41:17
akethesnaker Hi! Yesterday it was -20 degrees and snow here, today it`s raining and around zero degrees! +1
December 30 2014 22:45:29
mulambo here it is around + 40 degrees, full and hot sun! but i prefer air conditioning some times...: O ) +0
Good Mulambo show the rock muscles to those dandies of Jazz+1
December 30 2014 22:42:09
mulambo excellent doc! thank you!! +0
supercool ;o)+1
Truly taking on an even more manic quality. Fun piece made more fun.+1
December 31 2014 12:06:14
mulambo thx, Wade!! +1
December 31 2014 15:32:56
mulambo good to know u liked bro. i writeit wrong in the presentaion of the song, jut see it now. Jazz is a style i dont feel confortable, ki fear i had destroyed the swing of the tune...hehehe +1
December 31 2014 19:04:41
Wade If you don't like it you can hit the little red flag, take it away, and do it all over again, if you wish. Sometimes I like odd contrast...makes you hear things differently. +0
December 31 2014 19:09:46
mulambo no, i actually like it!! hehe. i had good fun recording it, sounds good a little rock´n´roll, cheers! happy new year! +2
perfect bass line Mulambo:)+1
Fun sounding track!!!+1
muito bom trabalho+1
Everything but Jazz !? Yes, true BUT… that gives it a tasty twist as well !
Um EXCELENTE Ano Novo pra você, família e amigos Mulambo.. ;)
what a neat re-mix! way to do it, Lenny and Luis. you both go so well with Wonderful Wade!+1
August 12 2015 19:00:31
mulambo thx, Anne!
: o )

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