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Annual holidays orphan's party (musician friends who have no family in New Zealand). Live jam warts and all. Poor quality Zoom recorder with inbuilt microphones so no mix. All welcome to join in with the chaos. If you like this one there are others that can follow. Tom on Keys, Nigel on guitar, I'm on sax. Later jams with up to 10 musicians. Will post others if you want to hear more. ...
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Ingredients: Organic RAW JAM


absolutely beautiful Wade! I love the wood sounds the natural feel..you swing my friend...and this is so so great...sometimes I just come to the place with this kind of music, just sit and enjoying the music and jamming! what a wonderful feeling...
thank you for sharing this Wade!
August 05 2015 23:38:19
Wade You're digging in the archives! The live jam thing means that I have to be a chameleon and take on whatever is going down. I never play this this sort of jazz swing. Very inspired by the guitarist (Nigel Gavin) who is New Zealand's best. Only rule at my jams is no standards, books or planning out anything...just play and see what happens. +1
August 06 2015 14:43:26
aleonz You play so great Wade! I listen to some of your track, and you can play all kind of stuff without losing your true color, and that is amazing! and that was some very fun base rules when jamming right , the rule is no rule, and the plan is no plan, and that is what make the jam sessions become a very special moment, spontaneous ! I love that! I really do hope we can jamming in real life one day ! +2
August 10 2015 22:55:34
Wade Will work on seeing when/if possible to come up you way. Lots of new flights to Bali and a short hop from there. +2
oh yea, i like this tunes+1
January 17 2015 19:39:34
Wade Thanks for the listen. Glad you enjoyed. +0
very cool !! i consider myself as (mostly) a perfectionist and enjoyed it very much ;)+2
January 05 2015 08:41:02
Wade Thanks OliVBee. Context sometimes is OK where the technology just isn't possible +1
Poor quality Zoom recorder ? Little details, who cares ?
The playing more than makes up for that… ;)
January 04 2015 04:39:16
Wade Well would ideally have been good to have a mix that brought out how good some of those musicians are. But I agree, the music is more important than the fidelity. +1
This is so incredibly cool... ;o)+1
January 02 2015 18:50:24
Wade Thanks Uloisus. The guitarist is a monster player and can pretty well carry this by himself. +0
Eso está muy bién.
Have very swing!!
January 02 2015 18:47:18
Wade Melodías posteriores son muy diferentes y moderno. Thanks. +0
Lenny Cowler
super Wade, it's like a movie "Sun Valley Serenade" and Glenn Miller´s band:)+1
January 02 2015 18:45:04
Lenny Cowler
Wade Never saw the movie. Gets a little less Glen Miller in later jams. +0
January 04 2015 07:53:06
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler The film story is not worth anything, but the music and the musicians are amazing:) +0
January 04 2015 07:55:55
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler here is full movie:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ryR4oZO4p8 +0
Oh, I see you guys had a great fun=)+1
January 02 2015 18:43:46
Wade Thanks Steve. No point if it's not fun. +0
Fine Playing!+0
Yes more please love it+2
January 02 2015 18:43:05
Wade OK, just remember to say stop at some point. +0
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