Orphan's Jam #4

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Annual holidays orphan's party (musician friends who have no family in New Zealand). Live jam warts and all. Poor quality Zoom recorder with inbuilt microphones so no mix. All welcome to join in with the chaos. This is the forth with more to follow unless you get sick of them. Tom on Keys, Nigel on Guitar, Derek on Bass, Kelvin on Bass Trumpet, Roger Manins on C soprano I'm on sopranino. WARNING: RAW JAM CONTENT. Perfectionists should not listen. This was played in a Standards Free environment.


January 04 2015 16:43:55
OliVBeeOliVBee ôÔ soooo cool :)
+1 January 05 2015 08:59:46 OliVBeeWade
Thanks OliVBee. Yea, they are a good bunch for this sort of stuff.
January 03 2015 21:00:20
nuno1959nuno1959 What, still no Miley Cyrus ?
Oh man, you break my heart…. ;) ;)
I liked the others but LOVE this one !

+0 January 04 2015 05:28:17 nuno1959Wade
I'm afraid I don't make it on tho her most desirable list physically or musically.
January 04 2015 19:54:38 nuno1959nuno1959
:D :D
January 03 2015 10:58:12
UloisiusUloisius very cool Wade ;o)

January 03 2015 07:18:03
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

January 02 2015 23:13:14
hurzelhurzel Sounds like an awesome event! :)
Cool how music brings people together on different occasions.
Inspiring stuff!

+1 January 03 2015 04:59:15 hurzelWade
It's a small gathering with usually less than 20 people. When you are next in the neighborhood we'll do another one.
January 03 2015 15:10:20 hurzelhurzel
thanks for the invitation. :) it may take a few years though ;)
January 04 2015 05:27:18 hurzelWade
Better make it soon...I'm getting old!
January 02 2015 22:28:19
haddockhaddock I like this! :) reminds me of some of the stuff we played in your studio!
+1 January 02 2015 22:40:18 haddockWade
Yes, just like last year when you were here. Wish you were here now.
January 02 2015 22:43:24 haddockhaddock
Yes, me too! Is this recorded at your place?
January 03 2015 04:57:22 haddockWade
Yes in the same space. Just turned on a Zoom H4N recorder with inbuilt microphones. Pretty crude but worked.
January 03 2015 10:55:07 haddockhaddock
Roger Manins and Derek was there when we played, do I remember correctly?
January 04 2015 05:26:27 haddockWade
Sorry, I don't always remember who shows up when. Jams like this happen more than a few times a year. This one was interesting as we had a different keyboard player and the Bass trumpeter. Roger and Caroline make it about half the time. Nigel more often, Derek makes it most of the time.
January 02 2015 20:52:12
ericblomericblom He Wade, can I come too? I also don't have family there. Very nice
+1 January 02 2015 22:42:04 ericblomWade
All welcome. could even arrange a bass for you.
January 02 2015 20:14:22
Danalyze45Danalyze45 these are all awesome...I could listen to music like this all day :)
+1 January 02 2015 22:41:30 Danalyze45Wade
Thanks Dan. Much more fun to play rather than listen...any trips planned to our end of the world?
January 02 2015 19:28:26
josepssvjosepssv Perfecto para mí.
Free Jazz

+1 January 02 2015 22:40:41 josepssvWade
NO, keep it in chains
January 03 2015 08:57:48 josepssvjosepssv

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