Orphan's Jam #5

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Annual holidays orphan's party (musician friends who have no family in New Zealand). Live jam warts and all. Poor quality Zoom recorder with inbuilt microphones so no mix. All welcome to join in with the chaos. This is the fifth with more to follow unless you get sick of them. Caroline Manins vocals, Tom on Keys, Nigel on Guitar, Derek on Bass, Kelvin on Bass Trumpet, Roger Manins on C soprano I'm on tenor. WARNING: RAW JAM CONTENT. Perfectionists should not listen. This was played in a Standards Free environment.


September 30 2015 13:58:19
Nice. :)
+2 September 30 2015 21:08:07 Telemetry Wade
Another archive digger. Watch out for the skeletons. Very kind of you to comment.
August 19 2015 00:52:03
oooo - i like that gal! had to make sure she hadn't turned into a sax, but no. who's making that whimsical sound in the right ear starting at 1:16? sax sounds so well controlled - wow! yummy bass - and a bass trumpet?!? thanks for sharing your live jam, Wade - those are simply the best, and it sounds like the Best were at yours. :)
+1 August 19 2015 03:41:47 AnneCozean Wade
You've been taking another dip in the archives. The singer is Caroline. She a pro performer and teacher in this end of the world. Her husband is playing soprano on this (I'm on tenor). Check her out
There is an attached clip with her playing with guitarist Nigel Gavin (who was also on this track at the jam). The whimsical sound I can only presume was the keyboard played by Tom. Caroline's husband (Roger) is this end of the world's acknowledged best sax player. I'm continually in awe at his musical genius.

I'm very lucky to be able to play live (occasionally) with people of this caliber. I invite, and they usually show up...don't know why. They are way out of my league...as are you and many others here.
January 13 2015 21:58:37
amazing! i so wish to have been here :)
+1 January 14 2015 07:06:53 hurzel Wade
I so wish that you were there!
January 12 2015 17:37:57
thanks for the invitation to listen to you guys have fun :)
+1 January 13 2015 20:06:51 Dick Wade
Thank you for the listen! Also open for anyone who wants to add to these. Missing a drummer!
January 04 2015 19:19:15
i like this kind of making musik,realy free
+1 January 05 2015 08:58:03 earlsteven Wade
Thanks earlsteven. Yea, no preconceived ideas or notions. Just start playing and see where it goes.
January 03 2015 21:17:39
One more in a great series of jams, i love this ''raw'' feel for lack of a better word - makes me feel as if there !
+1 January 04 2015 05:32:28 nuno1959 Wade
There is always next year to make it in person.
January 04 2015 19:53:54 nuno1959 nuno1959
I'll start swimming next week - should be just enough to reach NZ in time… ;)
January 03 2015 20:32:38
i can hear the fun of all musicians :)
+1 January 04 2015 05:31:52 adu Wade
Yes, these are all "older" musos so don't have much to "prove" and just want to make the music come first and have fun.
January 03 2015 11:27:28
very nice and creative ;o)
+1 January 04 2015 05:30:23 Uloisius Wade
Thanks Ulo. Completely spontaneous, so no credit to anybody..or alternative to everybody
January 03 2015 10:49:01
Cool atmosphere! Like the direction it went at the end of the recording!
+2 January 04 2015 05:29:33 Marceys Wade
Brave man. You listened through to the end!
January 03 2015 08:59:05
Bonitos hasta los ecos del fondo y el ruido.
One univers.

+1 January 03 2015 09:23:30 josepssv Wade
Sí,, música en vivo a veces improvisado puede tener cualidades especiales.

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