More rain in Cologne

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I could walk in the rain, down the street and back again. I don’t mind ‘Cause it’s fine, walking. I can dream as I go, Catch the scene, take it slow. Feel the wind as it blows, walking, And I smile as I walk, I don’t care, let them talk, and I swear I can fly any minute……..
and I smile as I walk. I don’t care let them talk, and I swear I can fly any minute. It’s where I ...
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electro, acoustic, dreamy


So great Shi. I really hope that there will be a time, when I can make music again to jam with all this great musicans.+2
January 03 2015 22:37:24
Shi thank you for the kind comment Dominik, I appreciate you stopping by for a listen ! and I hope you will too +1
Mr baer nods approvingly to my left here :)+2
your voice sounds higher really great. very nice Shi :)+1
January 03 2015 22:29:53
Shi thanks adu :) +0
Beautiful lyrics on a very nice track.+1
January 03 2015 22:31:14
Shi thanks BSH for the listen and the kind comment +0
a very nice snapshot - i can feel it ! Rain is falling from the clouds but Sunshine is in my Heart....+1
:) smooooth and sooooooft hehe oh and mixing too ?? yessss \o/+1
So beautiful!+1
Nice voice+1
Well done Shi. This is very nice. The feel is cool and welcoming. Not bad for a walk in the rain...LOL Great work from all the players.+1
muito legal canção+1
January 06 2015 11:48:09
francisco al
Shi obrigado francisco :) +0

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