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And they say that life is a playground, come and play, there is everything anyone could wish for, and if you try you could catch the swing, and fly high ,reach for the sun, and a new day has begun. And they say that life is a lovely thing, make the most of it. Looking forward to the joy that the day can bring, there’s a host of it. Face the morning with a smile, your heart open like a ...
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swing, jazz


ooooo - beautiful mix of the beautiful people. :)
you sound great, Miss Shi - such a wonderful tone to your vocal - and you know your melodies always send me. OliV - you plunk those strings with aplomb! loved the change at 1:32!
January 05 2015 20:54:30
Shi and thank you Ms Anne- you are so sweet and I love reading your comments :) +1
I don't know how, but this seems like you are "less distant". More like you are singing to each of us individually. Hard to describe, but it feels like something new and very appealing.+3
January 06 2015 11:34:03
Shi what a sweet thing to say Wade...I'm glad you like :) +0
Nice job Oliv and Shi :-)+2
January 05 2015 20:57:07
Shi thank you fishin' :) +0
January 05 2015 20:56:55
Shi thank you inci :) +0
OliV's template was an excellent choice, your performance flawless !! I like it Shi ! ;)+2
January 05 2015 20:56:36
Shi glad you do nuno and I appreciate the listen +1
great writing :)
interesting how you contrast olivs speed with slow vocal lines in the second part. works like charm!
January 05 2015 20:56:13
Shi thanks so much hurzel ! :) +0
So cool! Very good playing by OliVBee, timing, chordchoice....and than your singing, absolute coolness!+2
Lovely !!!! :) whatta soft swing !!!+1
January 05 2015 20:48:22
Shi thank you Oliv and the lovely mix makes it :) +1
Shi! Nice! I so dig your style and sound. Nice airy voice, hmmm...+1
January 05 2015 21:01:45
Shi thanks Milachica, I appreciate that :) +0
Love it..+1
January 05 2015 21:55:56
Shi thanks jablue :) +0

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