Lookin for my sweet spot :-)

+ 11
Still trying to find a good sound. Prior to this track I have been cheating a little with mixing tools..this is raw aside from a little gain boost on the mix...Have a new(to me) mic coming..thanks to some input from another respectable sax player here..Let me know what ya think..good or bad..Used the stereo recording option on my Yeti..sounds a little mushy to me in the 'phones...otherwise ...I resisted the temptation to dress it up.



January 06 2015 09:15:07
UloisiusUloisius very cool add Mark ;o)

January 06 2015 06:45:21
WadeWade Fine playing Mark with excellent feel for the track and melodic ideas. Getting a little dry on this.

January 06 2015 05:31:48
OB-LixOB-Lix Cool track Fishinmissio, I like the sound of your sax! great lines & great tone! Tks for the add!

January 06 2015 02:44:04
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho de sax Fishinmissio

January 06 2015 02:24:03
RickplayerRickplayer Well done

January 06 2015 01:39:35
cody trippcody tripp Nice tone ! Fantastic !! Playlisted

January 06 2015 01:05:23
ZamzamZamzam You did great. I really like the "song" you are playing on the sax. I'd love to hear those notes sounded out a bit. Also thinking a very small bit of chorus and delay on the horn track. Just rambling thoughts as I listen.
+2 January 06 2015 02:29:11 ZamzamFishinmissio
Sent ya a different mix
January 06 2015 00:52:29
kimbokimbo Nice..all of you

January 06 2015 00:36:11
pauluspaulus I like it

January 06 2015 00:34:25
MarceysMarceys Ah yeah! That's very cool Mark! I like your sound very much, it's got a natural and warm sound!
+2 January 06 2015 00:39:22 MarceysFishinmissio
Jumped .5 on my reed # and used what is commonly know to create a darker tone..go figure :-) Thanks..
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