I found your keys

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Played along with this great track and I did encroach, albeit in the background, on the Vocals - I did it in a one-take and in my humble opinion it all fit together. No disrespect intended Shi!!
Used my Digitech RP360 Acoustic Simulation - I find it good for this track but not sounding like an acoustic, anyonwe agree??
I found your keys behind the dressing table. I could be sad, at the moment I’m not able to. ‘Cause I have found a love that makes me smile, you’re not around and baby that’s ok with me. I still remember how it was, it was. You were so very mean to me.
I found your hat, the one I used to borrow, well, thanks for that. You can have it back tomorrow.
‘Cause all you brought was big heartache and pain, and I’m telling you I don’t need that stuff again. I still remember how it was, it was. You were so very mean to me. Things will be different now because, because I got somebody who gives a damn……..I found your keys, behind the dressing table. I could


January 20 2015 22:17:07
ddruszkowskiddruszkowski Babbazitt, the Acoustic Simulator sound pretty "acousticy" to me.....nice.

January 06 2015 23:12:49
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice tasty add Babba, sounds very cool.. ;)

January 06 2015 13:31:38
TelemetryTelemetry Nice Baba. :)

January 06 2015 09:38:14
onewholeftonewholeft Great job mate

January 06 2015 09:19:21
UloisiusUloisius very cool guitar ;o)

January 06 2015 08:02:32
MarceysMarceys Oh yeah! That's some cool playing Babbazitt! Like the sound too!

January 06 2015 03:41:47
BabbazittBabbazitt thanks my musician friends :)

January 06 2015 03:39:13
cody trippcody tripp Fantastic guitar !!

January 06 2015 03:12:15
RickplayerRickplayer Well done

January 06 2015 02:19:12
francisco alfrancisco al bom jogo de guitarra

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