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When we put together our songs, we try different instruments and tunes to determine which would sound the best for that particular song. On track 30780 we put these lyrics with paulus' guitar and our bass and drums and called it WHAT IS LIFE. Here we make it a totally different sound and call it IF ONLY. Both versions are to my liking but everybody has their own preferences. Thank you for listening to our songs.


January 09 2015 09:28:41
UloisiusUloisius sehr schön ;o)
+1 January 11 2015 02:54:28 UloisiusMarianne
Danke schoen, Uli. :)
January 09 2015 09:04:07
RobMRobM Wonderful collaboration ... such a natural fit, especially with jamlady's cello. a Magical sound :) :)
+1 January 11 2015 02:53:53 RobMMarianne
Wonderful comment from you, RobM :)
January 08 2015 21:46:36
jamladyjamlady oh danke, das passt so gut mit der Sprachmelodie!
+1 January 11 2015 02:53:07 jamladyMarianne
Herzlichen Dank, jamlady! So pleased you enjoyed the song :)
January 08 2015 08:39:31
cody trippcody tripp Very good !!
+1 January 11 2015 02:51:50 cody trippMarianne
Thank you so much, cody :)
January 08 2015 08:21:48
mic1011mic1011 Btw...the answer is nobody will comfort you. Only you can truly comfort you. That is the elusive secret. You don't get things until you risk all and find true happiness. Alone. Only then can someone properly love someone else. I think.
+1 January 11 2015 02:50:16 mic1011Marianne
When you risk all you may not have anyone left to fall on...but you may find the truth that mankind will never be enough to love and/or comfort you, as you mentioned. But we are never alone, either...therein lies the answer for all our troubles, I believe :)
January 11 2015 02:51:17 mic1011Marianne
Thank you, mic1011, for your kind and thoughtful comments :)
January 11 2015 03:38:51 mic1011mic1011
Mankind is not enough to comfort us. That is because mankind is driven by powerful survival instincts, which make enemies out of natural allies.
January 19 2015 10:11:58 mic1011Marianne
I so agree, mic1011. LOVE never fails but for those who naturally hate :)
January 08 2015 08:18:07
mic1011mic1011 Yup really good and kinda heavy.

January 08 2015 08:15:05
mic1011mic1011 Is this a Gerson therapy promo? Lol..just teasing. Unique and oddly hard hitting. I like the narrative style..
+1 January 11 2015 02:45:54 mic1011Marianne
So glad you enjoyed, mic1011 :)

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