Foxy Lady (What You're Doing To Me)

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Foxy Lady (What You're Doing Doing To Me)

Heard the original by Adam, Ake and JM yesterday and woke up this morning with this line...

There is this young guy totally in love with a lady he will never get. She's a vamp and out there to break the record of man dated at the same time... but not this guy.

He does not care... he's too much in love...
This song is not about me... :D

Enjoy! :)


January 13 2015 09:30:53
UloisiusUloisius cool ;o)

January 13 2015 07:24:05
DjevDjev And at the same time I think my voice is not suitable for this type of music.. It needs a more well... not my vocal... LOLOL... hahaha..
+0 January 13 2015 08:35:49 Djevjmrukkers
Hi Djev, don't give yourself such a hard time, I think these vocals work quite well, there is a surly quality to it that suits the track quite well, and that provide a nice contrast with the guitar
January 13 2015 09:14:13 DjevDjev
Thank you, JM.
January 13 2015 10:11:30 DjevRue
Love it.
January 13 2015 07:21:43
DjevDjev Ah yes that is very true this is a bad mix...I went for the feeling first and then I had issues balancing it out without losing the 'vibe'. I tried another take on it this morning vocal volume wise but i'm not sure how to replace this file with it.. or if I should upload the new take. Thank you all for the listen too and the honest feedback.. Just what I desire :) Smiles.. Hugs

January 13 2015 03:44:40
akethesnakerakethesnaker Very nice! Like JM say, you could be more in the front! Don`t be shy! Good job!;)

January 12 2015 17:26:06
pauluspaulus very nice

January 12 2015 17:25:22
cody trippcody tripp COOL !!!

January 12 2015 15:37:14
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)

January 12 2015 13:53:55
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool. Vocals could be quite a bit more forward in the mix

January 12 2015 13:38:22
NeronickNeronick Cool idea. Lyrics are hard to identify in the mix... :)

January 12 2015 11:06:03
MishteriaMishteria Thumbs!!!:)

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