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Danalyze451236 jams Supporter
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So what would an Opus be without Opus like guitar stuff huh? In reality I was tweaking the mix and had some ideas melody wise I thought might work and didn't want to forget. This version is definitely one more for guitar heads only :) Forgive the ending if you get that far...I wasn't paying attention.

Even with this would love to hear others' takes on this and will gladly remix as needed :) :) :) There are a LOT of folks here I would love to hear on this!


April 20 2015 16:31:02
HaffastHaffast Just stumbled across this and I smiled when I saw the title. There are few guitarists who dare to (and deserve to) describe their music as Opus worthy. But i smiled because I knew this would would be amazing.

And you didn't disappoint one bit. In fact, you might have delivered something with even more heart and soul than i had expected.

This is an absolute masterpiece, Dan. And it's completely deserving of the title Opus. The Maestro would approve... :)

and that part at 5:58 right after the gave me goosebumps. Righteous!

January 13 2015 04:45:18
9thaspect9thaspect Nice playing love it, may have to jump on this one my friend :-)
+1 January 14 2015 09:43:27 9thaspectDanalyze45
By all means do :)
January 13 2015 03:35:01
BabbazittBabbazitt brilliant!!

January 12 2015 22:09:11
onewholeftonewholeft Great

January 12 2015 19:36:42
OliVBeeOliVBee the epic kind of tune ! like the different sounds used !
+1 January 12 2015 20:51:28 OliVBeeDanalyze45
Wait til I finish this (if I can get the sounds I am hearing onto "tape" that is") :)
January 12 2015 20:53:21 OliVBeeOliVBee
lookin forward !! (i have faith in you ;) )
January 12 2015 21:21:24 OliVBeeDanalyze45
I have in mind some "trading " just not sure if the VSTs are up to it :)
January 12 2015 21:23:14 OliVBeeOliVBee
theres only one way to find out !
January 12 2015 22:19:51 OliVBeeDanalyze45
haha I'm workin on it :)
January 12 2015 17:14:33
DannyKDannyK Great tone; nice build up to ~1:20 (kind of Yngwie-like); good tension/release ~3:15; love the trem picking; nice vibrato!; got a little lost in the legato shredding (too buried in the mix - maybe some more attack?); ears are expecting some light feedback at the end ...

Like Cody said, this is killer. I've played guitar since 1985 listening/playing to the likes of Yngwie, Satriani, Vai, etc. and I have to say you got it right!

+1 January 12 2015 20:54:04 DannyKDanalyze45
Thank you danny...your thoughts will help when I start the final version :) great feedback / ear.
January 14 2015 00:29:13 DannyKDannyK
Hope I wasn't too verbose!
January 14 2015 00:34:46 DannyKDanalyze45
not at all...all good observations
January 12 2015 17:02:55
cody trippcody tripp Absolutely KILLER !!!

January 12 2015 15:32:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler it's a great tunning your original songs,In the end I have not heard anything that would in any way disruptive or bad:)


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