Let's Groove It

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Another test of my new wah-wah pedal - this time more subdued.
Johnnievocal wrote:
Rap- I am not so good at it but where but Wikiloops would I ever be able to try. Had fun thanks Alexj and irlenn for the fun jam.lyrics:Let's groove itbreak it down break it downgrooving that big ol thingChorus:just move it and groove it, let your body get to itjust do it don't lose it yea yea yeahjust move it and groove it, let your body get to itjust do it don't lose it yea yea yeahrap verse 1word to wise - just realize and take a tip from mebreak out of your shell say what the hell and shake your bootylisten up dont make a fuss and get your back up off he wallmove that thing, jump and singrap verse 2so on your feet, feel the beat and move your hips to and froand take my hand cause I'm your man- the groove i will showdon't be shy, come alive, put your hands up in the airget your groove on and shake it like you just don't care.Chorus:just move it and groove it, let your bod © Jo


January 14 2015 15:34:38
BalfoBalfo Good!

January 14 2015 03:04:39
nuno1959nuno1959 Nice add !!

January 13 2015 22:06:31
gnoerrebygnoerreby Cool!

January 13 2015 20:30:35
DickDick i hear ya, babba :)

January 13 2015 15:32:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect Ian:)

January 13 2015 13:00:25
JohnnievocalJohnnievocal You funkadelic beast! great add.

January 13 2015 12:34:01
KermitKermit cool

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