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Free jazz, but maybe not as you know it. Total improv. Gerhard on guitar, no ideas, no clues. I watch his hands and listen carefully and try to guess where he's going. Experience + intuition = almost listenable.


I have no Musical Guidance to offer, this being in violation of the requirement. I only wish to say this conveys a musical mood and personality which is both fun and involving.+2
January 15 2015 19:57:51
Wade Gerhard calls these "happy accidents"... funny after 10 + years of playing together they become more frequent. +1
Almost listenable ? Yeah right, & i'm the Tooth Fairy ! This is so cool, so well played, i love it !+2
January 15 2015 20:12:31
Wade You just wait! We'll do stuff like this live together some day. +1
January 16 2015 01:03:39
nuno1959 You're on !! ;) +0
it's way more than almost listenable ! i love to listen to you guys improvising ! i can tell you both have a fair amount of togetherness :) sweet !!+1
January 15 2015 19:55:40
Wade We only finish each others sentences musically. +1
January 15 2015 20:02:35
OliVBee i can hear you let the guitar drive some first, kinda taking the heat, and then introduce different movements and accents, new colors in the notes used ... you guys provide each other the guidance you are talking about : gerhard as path to walk and you as the signs to follow +1
January 15 2015 21:25:52
Wade I like the way you've stated and thought about it. Has the ring of truth...but has always been a non-verbalized sort of reality. +1
January 15 2015 21:33:18
OliVBee it's been obvious to me since i first heard you two ! you developed a kind of musical symbiose : thanks for sharing that ! +0
and all without a map........ :)+1
January 15 2015 19:56:41
Wade A map doesn't help if you're blind. It's a feeley thing +0
really great!!+1
January 15 2015 19:58:32
Wade Thanks Babbazitt. Appreciate the listen. +1
Oh man.this is "hot"..(wink)+1
January 15 2015 19:59:42
Wade This was supposed to be cool...oh well one of these days I'll get it right. +1
It has such a natural and effortless sound to it. And very very listenable :)+1
January 15 2015 20:00:50
Wade Not effortless, but hopefully natural. Thanks Rob. Greatly appreciate the listen. +1
I expect peter sellers to peek out from behind the curtains investigating a sultans harem :D+1
January 14 2015 23:50:03
Dick i finished reading your comment before the music started, and I knew this had to be good :) +3
January 15 2015 20:19:39
Wade I've always wanted people to feel the music and have it tell stories. You get it! +0
As always...stylish and beautifully performed.+1
January 15 2015 20:13:49
Wade Thanks Kimbo. I love walking that tightrope of spontaneous playing. Especially if you make it to the other side without killing yourself. +0
great improv. :)+1
January 15 2015 20:11:04
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. I think this sort of thing sets up a bizarre fascination like watching someone on a tightrope. Will they fall off? +1

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