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January 18 2015 22:00:36
RobMRobM Love it ! Eerily mesmerizing. This is very cool :)
+1 January 19 2015 09:25:08 RobMMarianne
Thank you so much, RobM...you're a COOL guy...we love your support and encouragement :)
January 17 2015 22:25:43
AnneCozeanAnneCozean this is one of my favorite styles - i can't believe ya'll are bringing it! i love the dissonance that's allowed to happen. vocalist chose the perfect melodic pattern to use throughout against the varying music. intro is particularly captivating with its use of strings. i love this!
+1 January 18 2015 10:19:53 AnneCozeanMarianne
Thank you so much for your most delightful response to the 'character' of this song with emotions that speak of times we are all able to relate to, I believe!
January 16 2015 12:49:38
machetemachete Impressive and rich combination of sadness, disappointment, emptiness and joy, peace and hope. Enjoyed, thanks!
+1 January 18 2015 10:12:34 macheteMarianne
And THANK YOU, machete for stopping by with your discerning response! I believe we all go through these emotions at one time or another. SIGH
January 18 2015 11:56:35 machetemachete
i like to think its a sign of a rich character to be blessed with a spectrum of such different emotions. no light without shadow, that kind of thing :)
January 19 2015 08:16:30 macheteMarianne
Oh, I agree, machete. We live in a fallen broken world after all, no one is exempt from trials at times, and everyone is blessed at other times. :)
January 16 2015 11:46:33
UloisiusUloisius very nice, has something mystical ;o)
+1 January 18 2015 10:10:32 UloisiusMarianne
Thank you, Uli...I agree :)
January 16 2015 02:36:26
cody trippcody tripp So different. Love it !!
+1 January 16 2015 05:44:40 cody trippMarianne
So very pleased you love it, cody, and that you consider different a good thing! :)
January 16 2015 01:11:47
MishteriaMishteria Very good!!:)
+1 January 16 2015 05:41:29 MishteriaMarianne
Thank you so much, Mishteria! :)

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