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This is an experiment using guitar type boxes to modify live sopranino sax. Still in early experimental phase Comments (not compliments) more than welcome.


That's cool !!+2
January 17 2015 19:41:22
Wade Thanks Cody. +1
nice idea, Wade. :)+2
January 17 2015 19:43:50
Wade Thanks Adu. Will try to make it a bit better next time. +0
the distortion on the right side is a bit disturbing ... otherwise I think the idea is very good, I like it ;o)+2
January 17 2015 19:44:48
Wade Thanks for the listen and comment Uli. Will try to refine this and make it work a bit better. +0
cool idea, like the melody, is fine tragedy+2
January 17 2015 19:46:20
Wade Hey Jablue..yea, it blues and so often a tragedy. Even made worse when experimenting on your ears, Ha! +0
ooh interesting sounds there Wade....adds an interesting edginess and tension :)to Dave's cool basssline+2
January 17 2015 19:47:05
Wade Thanks for the listen Shi. Now if I can only move from interesting to good...working on it. +0
After listening 3 seconds; I'm glad I joined Wikkiloops just to heard this!! It's realy great Wade. Very nice sound and even more beautiful atmospere. Thanks. And very nice bass play Rick!+2
January 17 2015 19:49:46
Wade Hey Ericblom my buddy from the outer limits! Yes I'm interested in trying to find some new sounds. I like the sax, but always envied the electrical players with all the things they can do to change their sound. +1
January 17 2015 19:50:33
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. I wish it was perfect...a first try...will get better (I hope). +0
Always experiment and explore new territory! This can be great depending on the context. Gain seems a bit high, some distortion on the right side, but so what.+1
January 17 2015 19:43:22
Wade Thanks for the listen and comment Lutz. Hopefully I'll get it down. Strictly experimental. sometimes I'm too close to have an objective opinion. +0
Interesting sound Wade sounds great thanks for joining+1
January 17 2015 19:52:04
Wade Thanks Dave. Sorry about doing this to your track. Will try to move from interesting to good ASAP. +0
interesting experiment, looking forward to the development in the future! thanks for sharing! :)+1
January 17 2015 19:53:29
Wade Thanks Machete. I feel like a kid who just scribbled their first drawing...Good to share, but hopefully it will get better. +1
January 17 2015 20:31:02
machete ...said picasso. +1

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