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This is an experiment using guitar type boxes to modify live sopranino sax. Still in early experimental phase Comments (not compliments) more than welcome.


Wow !! You're using effects pedals if i understand correctly ?
I must say i find it enthralling, love the texture, how it ''slides out & into next note'', reminds me of some sort of big violin & a horn of some description perfectly juxtaposed…
I REALLY like it !!
I'd say that if you're curious about it, go for it !!
There's lots of gimmicky crap out there but there's also LOTS of EXCELLENT effects that don't cost a fortune & can help access whole new palettes of tones you can paint with - think Robert Fripp & his Frippertronics & so many others
Last but NOT least - loved the playing !!
January 28 2015 19:50:45
Wade Thanks Nuno, just caught up with this comment. Yes it's an ongoing experiment. Can't see any reason why this instrument can't be modified to give a different sound. the trick now is to find some good settings that have a distinctive feel and to use appropriately. +1
January 28 2015 21:08:33
nuno1959 I couldn't agree more !
Instruments DO have lovely sounds on their own yet, it's not mandatory not to explore different possibilities.. ;)
Saxophone strikes me as particularly good to experiment w/ delays, chorus, octavers, envelope filters, even distortions/overdrives ?
An example :
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
January 28 2015 23:33:33
Wade Thanks Nuno. Yes checked that out...way to complex for me but I like the sounds. +1
You wouldn't guess it was a sax, but a cool sound nontheless. Sounds better on the longer notes (IMHO)+1
January 19 2015 22:03:00
Wade Thanks Rob. Just the kind of comment I wanted and needed. I'm experimenting so am not quite sure how to use this effectively...or whether to use it at all. +1
January 20 2015 02:24:31
RobM Mate, definitely worth pursuing. Its a cool, kind of distant sound :) +7
Interesting.but nice+1
January 18 2015 07:30:09
Wade Thanks for the listen. Yea, very experimental. Maybe just mostly mental. +0
Eso suena como violín!+1
January 17 2015 21:34:57
Wade Quizás violín eléctrico? +1
interesting experiment, looking forward to the development in the future! thanks for sharing! :)+1
January 17 2015 19:53:29
Wade Thanks Machete. I feel like a kid who just scribbled their first drawing...Good to share, but hopefully it will get better. +1
January 17 2015 20:31:02
machete ...said picasso. +1
Interesting sound Wade sounds great thanks for joining+1
January 17 2015 19:52:04
Wade Thanks Dave. Sorry about doing this to your track. Will try to move from interesting to good ASAP. +0
Lenny Cowler
January 17 2015 19:50:33
Lenny Cowler
Wade Thanks Lenny. I wish it was perfect...a first try...will get better (I hope). +0
After listening 3 seconds; I'm glad I joined Wikkiloops just to heard this!! It's realy great Wade. Very nice sound and even more beautiful atmospere. Thanks. And very nice bass play Rick!+2
January 17 2015 19:49:46
Wade Hey Ericblom my buddy from the outer limits! Yes I'm interested in trying to find some new sounds. I like the sax, but always envied the electrical players with all the things they can do to change their sound. +1
ooh interesting sounds there Wade....adds an interesting edginess and tension :)to Dave's cool basssline+2
January 17 2015 19:47:05
Wade Thanks for the listen Shi. Now if I can only move from interesting to good...working on it. +0
cool idea, like the melody, is fine tragedy+2
January 17 2015 19:46:20
Wade Hey Jablue..yea, it blues and so often a tragedy. Even made worse when experimenting on your ears, Ha! +0

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