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Probably the lyrics call for a more celtic feel than this track but I actually did write them for the track. I have purposely left lots of room for additions, so hoping some folks might oblige :) thanks for listening and as always I am stoked to be able to dip my toes in this wonderfully talented pool of musicians, thank you


April 02 2016 19:45:30
Awesome writing and delivery. It's a great song! :)

August 05 2015 12:20:49
Its fine to find these stunning beautiful vocals that are perfect for an Arthurian legend!!!
You have caught me up in a magical atmosphere and dreams reminding me of celtic riches we are all lucky to have - thank you :):)

+1 August 06 2015 04:58:43 PJE MorganLeFey
wow thats so nice thank you
May 30 2015 18:20:42
Is this you Vicki? Nice to find you here as well. I'm new, but learning how to navigate....
+0 May 30 2015 22:41:57 Grathy MorganLeFey
Welcome aboard Mary this is a fab place to be, you will love it
March 23 2015 04:34:11
A person could dig around here for years and never hear it all. Wonderful lyric and vocals... Bravo !!
+1 March 23 2015 06:11:11 Psycho MorganLeFey
Psycho you are incredibly kind, thanks for taking time to listen
March 18 2015 15:46:13
So great dark voice. Cool background vocals!

January 30 2015 13:40:06
Wonderful song and a beautiful voice!

January 28 2015 22:16:33
Just caught up with this one of yours. Excellent lyrics, production and delivery. Boy you can hit those low notes!
+1 January 29 2015 11:59:40 Wade MorganLeFey
low is my comfortzone, you will notice when I have to take my upper register out for an airing that it is weak and reedy ;-)
January 29 2015 18:55:16 Wade Wade
Interesting that when men hear a feminine voice that's low it sounds very sexy. Seems that men with high voices have the same effect on women.
January 19 2015 05:17:19
Nice vocals, great song!

January 19 2015 02:19:29
Very nice Song=)

January 18 2015 22:29:44
refreshing listen...such a cool and different twist to anything I heard in my head when it was being written. Great backing vox and nice folk delivery for the main vox line...very well done :)
+1 January 19 2015 02:00:13 Danalyze45 MorganLeFey
It can be disappointing when someone takes a track to another place. I hope it hasn't been too hard to take, thanks for making it available
January 19 2015 02:54:15 Danalyze45 Danalyze45
I hope that isn't how my comment sounded...I liked it a lot :)
January 19 2015 04:13:34 Danalyze45 MorganLeFey
it wasn't but even if it was it would be ok, I never hear music when I write lyrics so I am often disappointed if I had my lyrics to a musician with what comes back. So I can understand how it must feel letting your baby fly in another direction
January 19 2015 07:37:37 Danalyze45 Danalyze45
That's actually what I love about WL and sometimes wish there was more of...letting the babies fly. The collaboration to me are the ones that usually stand out most.
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