Too Old to Start Again

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I just loved the track John posted. It tickled my funny bone and consequently I was concerned that John might feel my lyrics were too flippant for his wonderful playing. However he likes my rather quirky sense of humour and so Too Old to Start Again aka The over the hill blues was created. We disagreed on the mix however. He felt the guitar was too prominent when I mixed, I felt my vocals were too prominent in his mix. This is his mix, and he refuses to compromise his principles. No matter, I like his style musically and thoroughly enjoy working with such a professional musician. Many thanks to anyone who listens


May 29 2015 00:26:06
WanHuWanHu Ha Ha, love it!

May 10 2015 14:13:35
onewholeftonewholeft Great job and one of my favourite templates

May 08 2015 15:36:08
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey Hmmm I wonder if I have any lyrics lying around

May 08 2015 14:55:56
hurzelhurzel awesome song!

May 03 2015 13:18:57
MonikaMonika though I personally disagree with the text, which is nevertheless gorgeous, I like your song alot. Big smile. :)
+1 May 03 2015 13:51:43 MonikaMorganLeFey
thanks so much Monika.
April 09 2015 07:33:11
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho
+1 April 09 2015 19:35:25 francisco alMorganLeFey
Thank you so much Al, you are very kind
March 18 2015 15:43:38
pklieschpkliesch Really great, Morgana!! 😊 Not to old to hear it again!

February 01 2015 07:19:29
MarianneMarianne the FUN lyrics, the WONDERFUL voice and guitar playing! No need to start over is finer with age...and so are all women who grow old gracefully! WORD. :)
+1 June 30 2015 12:53:21 MarianneMorganLeFey
Marianne sweet woman, I will sadly forever grow old disgracefully
July 02 2015 03:58:17 MarianneMarianne
Nothing wrong with growing a little naughty as well, Morgan! LOL.
January 30 2015 22:12:16
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice vocals!
+1 January 30 2015 22:29:49 akethesnakerMorganLeFey
thank you ake :)
January 30 2015 13:37:11
bleymehlbleymehl Really beautiful!
+1 January 30 2015 22:30:37 bleymehlMorganLeFey
No no not beautiful , gravity is no longer my friend ;-) seriously thank you so much for your comment

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