Die ganze Welt ist ein Ghetto

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second joint project of the "BLUES BUDDIES"

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open for all ;o)

Die ganze Welt ist ein Ghetto

Was könnte mir helfen die Welt zu verstehen,
vielleicht sollte ich sie mal mit anderen Augen sehen.
Zuerst lege ich die rosarote Brille weg
und begebe mich ganz tief hinunter in den Dreck.

Ich schaue gründlich nach an allen Ecken und Kanten,
in allen Erdteilen ich wälze die Atlanten.
Ich checke die News in allen Programmen
da kommt schnell jede Menge Leid und Elend zusammen.

Durchgeknallte Nazis und Terroristen,
die halbe Menschheit steht auf ihren Todeslisten.
Mir fällt es schwer das alles zu begreifen,
ich komme mir vor wie in einem Hollywoodstreifen.

Rund um die Uhr heulen die Sirenen,
ich hätte fast ve


January 25 2015 13:20:27
Well done Ulo! love the vibe.. well done both of u!
+2 January 29 2015 17:08:27 woXey Uloisius
Gracias woXey ;o)
January 25 2015 12:53:50
A complained loud and clear that I agree on all points. Down all the violent who believe they can force who does not have their ideas with violence, should be locked up in a psychiatric prison!

January 25 2015 00:30:31
Incredible !!
+1 January 25 2015 11:06:56 RobM Uloisius
Thank you Rob ;o)
January 24 2015 23:56:34
Very thoughtful and unfortunately all too real. Perfect fit for the mood set by Balfo.
+2 January 25 2015 11:06:16 Wade Uloisius
Thanks Wade, I am glad that you like it ;o)
January 24 2015 19:08:28
You got so much talent Ulo, very good lyrics!
+1 January 25 2015 11:04:16 Balfo Uloisius
Vielen Dank Balfo ;o)
Ich hoffe die "Blues Buddies" werden noch den einen oder anderen Song raushauen.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit dir inspiriert mich ;o)
January 24 2015 18:11:02
cody trippcody tripp
Just killer !!!
+1 January 25 2015 10:57:01 cody tripp Uloisius
Thank you cody ;o)
January 24 2015 17:02:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good Ulo:)
+1 January 25 2015 10:56:42 Lenny Cowler Uloisius
Thank you Lenny ;o)
January 24 2015 16:33:35
Absolutely LOVE it Uloisius !!
Sadly this is very true, all our differences actively fuelled by those
who need us divided & fighting against each other so they can go
on living off everybody's work…
Maybe one day man WILL wake up ? One can only hope… ;)

+2 January 25 2015 10:55:25 nuno1959 Uloisius
Thank you nuno, I am very pleased that you like it.
Yes, unfortunately it is all true what I describe in
the text ... let's see where it leads yet.

Eu ainda tenho uma pequena surpresa para você e qualquer
outra pessoa na sua unidade, vou fazer upload de hoje
durante o dia ;o)

Isso, então, é mais provável algo engraçado ;o)

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