At What Time Did I Miss The Train

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WARNING: GROOVE INSIDE Wack Wack, Slap Slap, Wish Wish...
Thanks to Steve for this good material and good guys with their big bass!
I took a lot of pleasure to mix some more guitars in this Funky Stuff...


July 26 2015 19:34:44
titititi Ah yes ! La c'est flagrant! Une grande influence du maître :)
Moi je suis fou de Metheny! Surtout les anciens, mais c'est le grand George Benson qui me rend fou!
Un grand bravo le Tof' :)

+0 July 26 2015 19:56:35 titiTofzegrit
Allez, une dernière pour la route #40627 :)
Metheny oui "Travels" et surtout "The First Circle" et quelsques autres titres par ci par là (hors trio pure je comprends rien!) et surtout chez Metheny, ce que je préfère c'est son clavier Lyle Mays, ce mec est envoutant !
Bonne fin de dimanche mon Titi.
Demain, nous verrons Mike Stern lol
July 26 2015 20:02:22 titititi
OUI!!! Tous ces fabuleux albums... j'adorais son choriste Vasconsuelos qui était fabuleux... Mike stern etait fabuleux avec Steps Ahaed! c'est là que je le connais vraiment le mieux! quel putain de groupe d'ailleurs...
January 28 2015 05:11:05
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow! this version is so cool too. Great add!=)
+0 January 28 2015 05:56:23 SlonMusicTofzegrit
That was the first one, I had a lot of fun with the sounds panel. I Liked the GlezBass part too.
January 29 2015 01:20:32 SlonMusicTofzegrit
Don't know if you listened #31247. First track is yours ! added by AlexJ & Marceys.
January 27 2015 02:27:45
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk cool sound again in the middle lit bit Scofield tunes :D
+1 January 27 2015 02:37:54 @FreshFunkTofzegrit
January 27 2015 04:31:32 @FreshFunkTofzegrit
FYI & If you are interested, another kind of sound on #30683 !
Most of the time I try to use a clean sound "as" Mike Stern on my other contributions...
January 26 2015 01:12:10
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice playing!:)
+1 January 27 2015 04:12:29 akethesnakerTofzegrit
Merci Ake
January 24 2015 23:35:37
GlezBassGlezBass Very good jam and cool sound guitar

January 24 2015 21:38:27
alexjalexj cool playing. really like the range of sounds you get!
+1 January 24 2015 21:54:31 alexjTofzegrit
Merci Alex!
you made me Under pressure when we talked about it ;)
January 24 2015 21:03:29
MarceysMarceys P-funk yeah! Cool Tof!
+0 January 24 2015 21:14:47 MarceysTofzegrit
lol It seems We have worked on the same this afternoon
January 24 2015 21:18:28 MarceysMarceys
Yes we did! It's a cool track!
January 24 2015 21:35:20 MarceysTofzegrit
Instead of paste my own part on yours I will retry another one ! Just for you!
January 24 2015 19:52:48
nuno1959nuno1959 …& slowly funky WILL heal the World !! ;)
Great add Tof !

+0 January 24 2015 23:00:40 nuno1959Tofzegrit
Merci nuno

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