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Just a straight rock jam with a tempo change at the chorus. Really need drums, bass, and whatever else you want to add.
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alternative, rock, jam, acdc


Cool, I like it!+1
January 24 2015 22:58:04
zeno44 Thanks! It's the first thing I've uploaded here. Definitely needs drums and bass. +1
January 25 2015 10:42:55
paulus I am sure this will be not the only track from you. It is a lot of fun to jam to different tracks here on wikiloops. Maybe we could jam some songs together soon?! Have fun. +0
Lenny Cowler
I just checked out all your contributions - some good stuff among that! After listening to 9 templates, I would however like to remind you wikiloops is meant for collaboration, not for self-presentation :)
Join some other peoples tracks sometime, that's what the fun is all about here!
Welcome to wikiloops!
January 25 2015 18:35:17
zeno44 There's no self promotion here, just hoping some people add pieces. I've been trying to add drums to other people's tracks, but my drum recording setup leaves much to be desired. +0
January 25 2015 20:36:45
zeno44 There's definitely no self promotion going on here. I don't have a band, am not selling anything, etc. I put these tracks up hoping for collaboration. I'd love to see what people might add to them. I could play the rest of the parts myself, but I want to see what the community adds. +0
January 25 2015 21:03:43
Dick zeno, I surely did not mean to offend you or anything. All I wanted to say is if we all wanted to "see what the community ads" without adding to others tracks (or at least give some feedback), there would be little collaboration going on.
Thats nothing personal.
It does explain why some people have a lot of fun here, while others wait "for the community to add", tho :)
Its not rocket science, and again, I did not intend to blame you, I just wanted to give a friendly hint to a newbe member.
January 25 2015 21:37:36
zeno44 No offense and I didn't mean to double post. My mobile connection said the first one timed out.

I literally just found this site the other day and have been using it to practice my drumming. I've been trying to figure out how to record decent drum tracks so I can upload them, but so far my less than professional home set up isn't working particularly well for recording drums.
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