Forbidden Horrorsax!!!

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Horror indeed! Another experiment dropped on to this beautiful and innocent track. Lots of room left if you dare.


April 19 2015 01:26:08
big Wade, a tinge of SAX with that special vibration
+1 April 19 2015 04:02:19 ivax Wade
2nd half needs some filling out. Get in there!
January 27 2015 08:59:39
+1 January 27 2015 10:10:35 jmrukkers Wade
Hmmm Thanks...I think...Often the word "fascinating" is followed by a painful probe in ones body.

With your gear you'd be set up better than me for modifying the sax sound. Get in there!!!
January 26 2015 22:17:10
i am a fan,from all of you!!!
+1 January 26 2015 23:32:01 earlsteven Wade
Thanks...on behalf...
January 26 2015 22:12:37
A cool macabre mystique to this, enhanced by your sax. Great track :)
+1 January 26 2015 23:31:21 RobM Wade
Thanks Rob. I think it had all of that there before I joined in...and there's still room...
January 26 2015 21:41:37
+1 January 26 2015 23:29:48 MalCo Wade
Thanks MalCo. Where did you get the little sax icon?
January 27 2015 19:21:14 MalCo MalCo
A relative of yours...🐨
January 26 2015 21:24:52
i love you all; espeschely wade!!!!
+1 January 26 2015 23:29:04 earlsteven Wade
Too kind! This was a really great track (before my add). If I was more self conscious/respectful I'd never have done this to it.
January 26 2015 18:11:28
no horror here, but you've invoked an impressive darkness dancing around and smirking with sad glee in the shadows. thanks for the pictures!
+1 January 26 2015 19:49:14 machete Wade
Thanks Machete. The track probably does most of the invoking. It's brilliant and inspiring.
January 26 2015 19:50:40 machete machete
it sure does a lot of invoking in providing the setting, but the saxophone adds the life to the party. :)
January 26 2015 23:41:16 machete Wade
That's a very kind thing to say! I'm just trying to fit in while experimenting with this new box.
January 26 2015 23:46:45 machete machete
like the box, like the Wade, like the sax. no kindness in that, just a statement about how my ears feel when confronted with the above :D
January 26 2015 16:52:53
Applause!! I like it :)
+1 January 26 2015 19:47:29 adu Wade
Thanks Aduennwald! appreciate the listen and glad you liked.
January 26 2015 16:09:12
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
wow! Wade its very perfect add, thank you that you joined us:)
+1 January 26 2015 19:46:52 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks goes to you. The drumming on this is amazing. Glad you're OK with my dropping this experiment on top.
January 26 2015 15:55:42
cody trippcody tripp
Killer !!!
+1 January 26 2015 19:45:40 cody tripp Wade
Thanks Cody

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