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I`m totally aware of my horrible rusty voice. Low tech headset did not make things better :-) This is only ment as a proposal for the lyrics setting. I`d love to hear this song performed by one of you loopers on Track #32062. I´ll delete this vocal disaster here in a few days. Promise! :-) lyrics (starting at 00:40): I can feel the nearness of you Lost so long but still there Clear as moonlight through the pines See you everywhere I can feel the nearness ...
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since its a remix of 32062, I just attached it accordingly :) please do likewise in the future!
about the vocals - thats not sung bad at all, but you have covered it quite hard with this mix :)
If you like to, attach the single track vocals to some track to come, and I'll do a sound mix so we can tell a bit better how "bad" you really sing :) nice song!
February 01 2015 16:50:12
Liesching Thx Dick. This is a great offer! I will get back to you if I´d ever sing again :-) +0
Very nice song!=)+1
Really not bad!!! Wonderful text! Like it very much!+1
February 01 2015 22:28:37
Liesching Thank you Bleymehl! +0
lovely lyrics!:)your voice sounds great, so I'd not delete this at all Liesching!...its a very gentle/tender vocal you have made!;)+1
February 01 2015 22:29:50
Liesching Thx inci. much appreciated +0
Please do not delete your vocals! This is absolutely beautiful+1
February 01 2015 22:28:14
Liesching Thx Johnnie. I`ll reconsider :) +0
I agree with the others don't change a thing this is a great track+1
February 01 2015 22:30:06
Liesching Thx Rick! +1
I like your voice and the lyrics, just not a good vocal recording. Sounds like you're not in the same sound-stage (microphone recording from the back of a small auditorium).+1
This is beautiful !!+1
February 02 2015 13:14:37
Liesching Thank you Rob! +0
Hahaha! Your comment is so funny as your playing is wonderful. :) Hope Shi will take a look at it+1
February 03 2015 12:41:48
Liesching Hope so too ;) +0
Singing the melancholic lyrics is NO LESS beautiful than your wondrous playing the melody by itself! I'm deeply touched, Liesching! :)+1
February 04 2015 09:59:58
Liesching Outstanding compliment. Thx Marianne. Still hope that a real vocalist will join the piano track :) +1
February 05 2015 05:23:27
Marianne My pleasure! The Cello and the Piano are my favorite musical instruments. :) +1

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