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I`m totally aware of my horrible rusty voice. Low tech headset did not make things better :-) This is only ment as a proposal for the lyrics setting. I`d love to hear this song performed by one of you loopers on Track #32062. I´ll delete this vocal disaster here in a few days. Promise! :-)

lyrics (starting at 00:40):
I can feel the nearness of you
Lost so long but still there
Clear as moonlight through the pines
See you everywhere
I can feel the nearness of you

Still can feel the nearness of you
Your soft and tender cover
Night will always bear your name
I can feel
I can feel the nearness
I can feel the nearness of you


February 12 2015 23:59:52
cody trippcody tripp Beautiful Lyrics. Great vocals. Great to hear your voice.

February 12 2015 21:14:01
AcousticegAcousticeg Don't underestimate yourself. It's not as much how well someone sings as it is the connection the vocalist has with the song. Your feelings and emotions become the connection for the listener. I enjoyed this very much. I hope you do not delete this beautiful song.

February 12 2015 19:28:45
AKchenAKchen it´s so very wonderful :)
+1 February 12 2015 21:04:50 AKchenLiesching
Danke akchen :)
February 12 2015 01:30:12
allgirlallgirl I'm afraid you'll have to come up with a different story about the singing. This is most enjoyable.
+1 February 12 2015 06:22:22 allgirlLiesching
:) thx allgirl.
February 08 2015 12:15:00
R1772R1772 wonderful composition - I just love your melodic style, the piano playing also. Singing is fine and suitable.
+1 February 08 2015 12:49:11 R1772Liesching
Thank you Rainer!
February 06 2015 21:41:51
pklieschpkliesch Gready , gready, gready mein Lieber. Der Gesangskarriere steht wahrscheinlich nur noch das Headset im Wege.

February 04 2015 08:53:45
MarianneMarianne Singing the melancholic lyrics is NO LESS beautiful than your wondrous playing the melody by itself! I'm deeply touched, Liesching! :)
+1 February 04 2015 09:59:58 MarianneLiesching
Outstanding compliment. Thx Marianne. Still hope that a real vocalist will join the piano track :)
February 05 2015 05:23:27 MarianneMarianne
My pleasure! The Cello and the Piano are my favorite musical instruments. :)
February 03 2015 12:19:18
JMB65JMB65 Hahaha! Your comment is so funny as your playing is wonderful. :) Hope Shi will take a look at it
+1 February 03 2015 12:41:48 JMB65Liesching
Hope so too ;)
February 02 2015 04:58:44
RobMRobM This is beautiful !!
+1 February 02 2015 13:14:37 RobMLiesching
Thank you Rob!
February 01 2015 20:32:13
WadeWade I like your voice and the lyrics, just not a good vocal recording. Sounds like you're not in the same sound-stage (microphone recording from the back of a small auditorium).


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